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Yard Built Bolt 'Son of Time' by Numbnut Motorcycles

The latest Yard Built project to break cover based on the Yamaha Bolt comes from Amsterdam. Local custom bike builders Numbnut Motorcycles have collaborated with Dutch timepiece makers, TW Steel on a special project, smashing together the worlds of horology and bike building to create The Son of Time, a one-off timepiece and a unique custom motorcycle.

Numbnuts bike builder Roderick Seibert spent the winter locked in his Amsterdam workshop stripping a Yamaha Bolt back to the bones in preparation for the Sport Heritage motorcycle’s rebirth as an homage to the salt flat racers of the world.

“I’ve loved building this bike,” commented Roderick. “From the start of the stripping process you can get really excited about where we are going to go with this. I really sparked with TW Steel as well, combining our creativity led to some super cool details on the bike. I’m really proud of the finished machine, I believe it stands for old school cool mashed up with new ideas, and above all speed!”

Yamaha Motor Europe Marketing Coordinator Cristian Barelli commented, “Roderick has done it again with yet another original custom build from one of Yamaha’s Sport Heritage range of motorcycles. “The Son of Time shows the Numbnut Motorcycles distinctive custom style whilst keeping the soul of the Bolt’s powerplant.” 

In his quest for straight-line speed, Roderick has cut and stretched the frame, losing almost all the standard Yamaha parts with the exception of the torquey engine. Roderick has created a number of one-off Numbnut pieces to define the motorcycle. Bespoke engine covers, air intake, seat and fuel tank make it clear this bike is built for speed whilst tipping its hat to its spiritual brother, the Son Of Time timepiece. 

Fellow Dutch custom builders Nozem built the exhaust to add the right snarling soundtrack whilst Dymag where called on to deliver achingly beautiful carbon wheels to save weight in the quest for speed. A straight line racer needs brakes to match the performance so the Son of Time gets an upgrade with Brembo monoblock calipers, Brembo 320mm floating discs and a Brembo RCS19 master brake cylinder. PP adjustable brake and clutch levers and Bitwell Kungfu grips put the rider in control and a Motogadget Pro tachometer tells the engine’s story.

Power is nothing without control so the Son of Time also gets a major suspension upgrade. Roderick turned to K-Tech for this important role, using their fully adjustable front forks and rear shock for total control. Keeping the Son of Time glued to the tarmac are a set of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tyres.  A Dynojet Power Commander and Dynojet Quickshifter make the most of delivering the Bolt’s power and a Baja design LED front light picks out the racing line.

A sublime grey and red paint job sets of the final machine, linking it to its brother the timepiece in more than spirit.

Get in touch with Numbnut Motorcycles here: numbnutmotorcycles.com

Builder: Numbnut Motorcycles
Base Model: Bolt



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