2019 YXZ1000R SS Media Buzz


  • UTVGuide.net
    ▪ I was thoroughly impressed with the capability of the new 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS.

  • ATVmag.com
    ▪ Riding the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS on both sides of the United States not only gave us the chance to test the vehicle in two very different environments but it further demonstrated the exceptional ruggedness of this Yamaha.
    ▪ Durability is just one more area Yamaha claims the advantage in the Sport SxS market.

  • Yammer Hammers
    ▪ I never thought being out west I'd love that lower gearing even more.

  • Jason Weller / Weller Racing 
    ▪ Not only did this vehicle do great in the east coast woods, but it’s looking like they even made it better for the west coast desert.

  • YXZ Addicts
    ▪ Overall we believe Yamaha hit the nail on the head with the new 2019 YXZ.
    ▪ The 2019 YXZ is a great machine and is very capable of any terrain you throw at it!

  • ATV.com
    ▪ There is so much more that this great product from Yamaha has to offer and if you think it should be shoehorned into a box or tie it to a specific location then I must say, you’re a nut. It works very well anywhere your trailer will take it.