2018 Kodiak 450 Media Buzz Press Reviews



  • The Kodiak 450 is a very action-packed, feature-filled product that seems to come into the world at an affordable price for most anyone looking to get outdoors.


  • Yamaha’s Kodiak 450, where mid-size maneuverability meets full-size comfort at a bargain price.

  • We never found ourselves wishing for front differential lock in the rocks

  •  It’s the best handling mid-size ATV we’ve thrown a leg over!

  • What’s most striking is that this is the only mid-size chassis ATV we’ve ridden providing a plush ride on par with some full-size machines.

  • We came away happier than expected with the overall braking performance.


  • If you’re in the market for a compact, powerful ATV to get you started for the 2017/2018 hunting season, then look toward Yamaha’s new Kodiak 450.

  • With this much power, it’ll be great for food plot work, too.

  • This is one ATV that benefits from many years’ worth of Yamaha innovation, and it comes in a package sized and priced to fit most any rider.


  • This is the perfect ATV for the person looking for an all-purpose option.

  • Hunters will appreciate the smaller frame, as well, because as you know, you don’t always have a well-blazed trail to navigate down when it comes to haul out your deer.


  • The Kodiak comes with a not-too-steep price tag, it’s durable and flexible for many tasks, and it’s not hard to operate – after all, I drove it to the top of a mountain.

  • As for accessories, farmers may be interested in outfitting new Kodiak 450s with rack extensions, pre-wired winches, rack backs, 2-inch receiver hitches, and manure-friendly over fenders.


  • For work or play, the 2018 Yamaha Kodiak can produce miles of smiles. If you are a rider that needs to thread the needle at your local ride spot on a smaller, mid sized machine, that offers comfort, precise control and a great reliability record, the smaller Kodiak is the best Yamaha has and in fact it’s possibly the best from any manufacturer.


  • A compact and versatile ATV that buyers can confidently enjoy using for work and play thanks to Yamaha’s legendary durability.

  • The Kodiak, perhaps more than any other quad, fits like a glove


  • The chassis is compact so you get a nimble ATV with a big feel in the comfort area.

  • The fit and finish is great, the comfort is equal to that and the handling is nimble.


  • It’s a deadly combination in a marketplace looking to do away with compromise, and the Kodiak 450 has plenty to offer to first-time buyers and seasoned ATV veterans alike.


  • We’re not sure if we’re more impressed with the Kodiak’s new four-ply 25-inch CST tires or the solid electric power steering (EPS).

  • We are very impressed after our first outing on the new Kodiak 450.



  • The Kodiak 450 is one of the best handling 4x4s I’ve ever ridden!

  • If you’re narrowing down your search for the best mid-class 4×4 utility ATV available that doesn’t cost a fortune I would highly suggest the new Kodiak 450 EPS. It plays as well as it works, handles all types of terrain exceptionally well, provides adequate smooth usable power from idle to full throttle,  surprisingly offers a ton of room and perfect ergonomics, rides as plush as the high-priced big bore 4x4s and comes with industry-leading Yamaha dependability – now that’s a lot of value if you ask me.

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