2017 YXZ1000R SS Media Buzz Press Reviews



  • The new FOX 2.5 Podium X2 may be the biggest advancement yet for Side-by-Side shocks.

  • ... incredible adjustability of the shocks

Dirt Toys

  • Fox Podium X2 internal bypass shocks are darn near infinitely adjustable

  • ... takes the YXZ1000R SE’s ride to the next level


  • Yamaha keeps adding features to the YXZ that we can't justify living without

  • ... the SE YXZ really makes small bumps disappear

  • Our love for the Sport Shift system has been affirmed

ATV & UTV Escape

  • ... jaw-droopingly good looking!

  • ... this is a pure sport side-by-side all would enjoy having in their world

  • Yet Another “Sexy” 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE

UTV Driver

  • The most advanced shock ever mounted on a UTV

Gear Patrol

  • In the off-road world, having complete control over gears and engine speed is sacred

  • The SxS we’ve been waiting for

  • The execution from Yamaha in the YXZ1000R is incredible and deserves applause

  • Dunes, dirt, rocks — the YXZ1000R attacks them all with equal poise

  • Makes the competition look amateurish

UTV Guide

  • A new level of performance and comfort

  • With the Yamaha YXZ1000R SE … you get one set of items that really make the world of off road come alive

Dirt Trax

  • Driving confidence was multiplied tenfold

  • The paddle shifting experience is hands-down the greatest thing I’ve encountered on an off-road vehicle

  • Unparalleled rider confidence

  • The racer-like thrill consumed me for the first time riding a SxS

Dirt Wheels

  • Makes you feel like a trophy truck driver!

  • Shocks are very simple to tune

  • An absolute blast to drive

  • These new Fox X2 shocks are going to be hard to beat!

 UTV Scene
  • The YXZ SS beautifully combines all the pros of a CVT with with all the pros of a manual transmission.

  • Bar none the “funnest” UTV I’ve ever driven.

  • Shifting this transmission couldn’t be easier.

  • The paddles, combined with Yamaha’s sturdy tilt column and well-crafted soft grip over-mold steering wheel, give the driver the feeling that he’s in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that’s a step above anything else on the market, which is exactly the case.

  • No other side-by-side machine offers the driver such a hands-on direct connection with the machine.

  • Whether you’re going to own one or not, this is the vehicle everyone will want to drive!

  • T]he best handling sport SxS ever!

  • T]he ready-to-tackle-any-terrain-in-stock-form ideal machine for 2017 is without a doubt the YXZ1000R SS.

  • I drove the SS all day long but mastered shifting it less than a minute, even the most novice person off the street that has never driven a stick shift will do the same.

  • With [the Sport Shift] system, all the correct clutching is automatically done for you, eliminating the need for the clutch pedal, eliminating the need to take your hand off the wheel, eliminating the need to back off the throttle when you shift and even eliminating the need to remember to downshift!

  • Unless you’re racing another SS, I highly doubt any stock UTV will come off the line faster!

  • Yamaha SxS vehicles have a reputation of being the most durable and off-road capable in the industry, the new YXZ1000R SS continues this tradition.

  • I’ll sum it up like this, the YXZ is the most innovative, most durable and best handling high performance UTV on the market.


  • The “SS” stands for Sport Shift, and there’s no clutch pedal to be seen, but there are paddle shifters mounted to the back of the steering wheel

  • Yep, the SS is a five-speed manually shifted transmission that doesn’t require clutching even off the line or when stopping

  • It’s the YXZ1000R SS that is going to truly revolutionize the SxS industry ... Looking like a Ferrari


  • 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS Brings F1 Technology to the SxS World ... A dream machine


  • The learning curve in the machine will be seconds

  • Rookie drivers will be able to drive and shift this machine

  • You don’t even have to take your foot off the throttle to shift

  • Fox’s X2 shocks are the first of its kind with hi and low speed compression and rebound adjusters. They are the most advanced UTV shock ever stock or aftermarket.


  • This system even has a “Launch System” mode that is essentially launch control you find on supercars such as Lambos, Ferraris, and Aston Martins

  • The SE version of both the YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS come in this EPIC color scheme of matte black and red, which is truly the most amazing looking pure sport side-by-side on the market period.


  • The crown jewel of the lineup is the YXZ1000R SS Special Edition

Learn more about the YXZ1000R SS and YXZ1000R SS SE Pure Sport Side-by-Sides.