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Yamaha Remotely Piloted Helicopters

Yamaha unmanned helicopters are designed for a wide range of industrial applications and have been operating commercially since 1991. Originally engineered for agricultural spray applications on rice paddies in Japan, Yamaha units are now utilized for applications on rice, wine grapes, invasive weeds, tree fruit, sugar cane, and volcanic sensing. Currently, Yamaha’s unmanned helicopters are only approved for operations in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

In the United States, Yamaha currently has an exemption with the FAA to offer commercial services with the RMAX and FAZER platforms. Yamaha also holds a Part 137 Certificate with the FAA and the proper licenses with California Department of Pesticide Regulation to offer direct spray services to growers within California. Yamaha’s spray service team is located in Napa, California. We primarily focus on fungicide applications in wine grapes in the Napa and Sonoma regions, from April through early August. Additionally, we provide a variety of custom spray services throughout California, from August through March.