Yamaha Spray Services

Yamaha now provides direct chemical application services in California utilizing the RMAX and FAZER, our unmanned helicopter platforms. Our spray services team is based in Napa, California, with a core focus on fungicide applications for winegrapes in Napa and Sonoma from April through August. Our team is available on an appointment basis for all other types of applications throughout California for the remaining months.

Our services are billed on a per-acre basis, with a travel fee included (all chemicals are provided by the grower / customer). The Yamaha team will arrive on site, perform all mixing and loading, conduct the application, then submit the necessary usage report to the county. If you are interested in our services or would like a quote please contact UMS_sales@yamaha-motor.com.

Prior to offering commercial services, Yamaha collaborated with UC Davis to validate the ability of Yamaha’s unmanned helicopters to serve as a useful tool in U.S. agriculture, specifically vineyard fungicide applications. Yamaha also worked with Vineyard Management Companies in the Napa region to confirm the results of the UC Davis studies prior to launching its commercial services. Yamaha operates its units under a 333 Exemption issued by the FAA and also maintains a Part 137 Certificate issued by the FAA to allow for aerial applications

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