Rich Olivers Mystery School

28971 Auberry Road - Prather, CA 93651


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The mission of the Mystery School is to offer a safe, hospitable, high-quality training facility and curriculums that give our students additional riding skills that can be used to avoid accidents and injuries when riding their own motorcycle(s) on the st

We run the Yamaha TT-R fleet ranging from TT-R 50’s through TT-R 230’s. Rich Oliver’s Mystery School has been in business since 2003. Regardless of the skill of the rider, we have a course for everyone beginning at age 7.

One-Day Learn to Ride Off-Road Course - This all-inclusive one-day class is for brand new riders to the sport of off-road riding. Students do not need to have any experience riding a motorcycle to enroll. They do, however, need to be at least 7 years old and have at least one year of practice riding a bicycle. Students will learn basic motorcycle riding skills, including how to use the clutch, brakes, shift gears, proper balance and control, and how to maneuver on off-road terrain.

One-Day Off-Road Challenge Course - This one-day class is for the graduate of the "Learn to Ride Off-Road" program or for those riders with a minimum of similar street training. The curriculum will take students on an off-road riding adventure over multiple whoops, through a rock filled stream crossing, up a challenging and winding hill climb, over actual logs, over many small jumps, through the woods with tight turns, through sand and mud and much more! Learn correct body position for any type of terrain you may encounter on your trail or adventure bike and be prepared for it all!

Two-Day Fun Camp - The Two-Day Fun Camp is for everyone interested in improving their overall motorcycle control! You need to be able to ride a motorcycle, however, you do not have to have any dirt experience. We recommend that you have at least one year of riding experience before taking this course. This class is very effective for all levels of street and track day riders. Rich uses a step-by-step process to teach you how to slide your Yamaha TT-R into the corners with skill and confidence. You will experience two fun-filled days of flat track riding drills, practice riding, and racing topped off with a final 25-lap main event race!

Private Training Days - Spend a day with Rich at the Mystery School working on your flat track and/or off-road riding skills! Rich will design a custom curriculum based on your needs, so you get the best results possible.

Two-Day P.O.S.T. Approved Police Motorcycle Update Course- The Two-Day P.O.S.T. approved Police Officer Motorcycle Update Course (#32575; Plan IV) is specifically designed to enhance the officer’s ability to avoid accidents and injury and to gain a greater level of control in pursuit situations over all types of terrain. The course incorporates turning, sliding, braking, tight area U-turns, negotiating obstacles and pursuit techniques. By performing all of these riding techniques throughout the various drills over our 16-hour training course, the officer will gain new skills, confidence and control, becoming a much-improved rider.

Four-Day Pro Camp - The Pro Camp is a multi-faceted training that shows you what is required to be a successful racer. Not only will you have many hours of seat time learning on the bike, but you will also learn key mental strategy and toughness to be the best that you can be. All of the items covered can be used in your racing and in your everyday life.

Kid’s Ride and Wrench Camp - Teach your child the value of working with tools and riding a motorcycle! Open to youth ages 7-18, this two-day course will introduce them to how to ride a motorcycle and the valuable trade of learning how to use tools to maintain a motorcycle. This course is offered on the weekends, during a 4-week course and also as a Summer Camp.

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