2018 Transcontinental Touring Infotainment System Update

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Version: R12.0.6 
(500 MB - released February 2018)
Updates: Includes bug fixes related with iOS compatibility.

How to check your infotainment software version.

1. Turn key to ACC position.

2. Go to [Setting] menu.

3. Touch down arrow  3 times to scroll down[System info.].

4. The [System info.] screen appears. Software version is listed on the top line.

How to download and install the latest infotainment software.

1. A PC with internet connection and USB memory stick with enough space to hold the update software required for infotainment software update.

2. Delete all data / format USB memory

3. Download update software (*.iso) on your computer. Then copy it to USB memory. Download link is at the top of this page. File name must be unchanged from "swdl.iso". If changed, the system will not recognize the file.

4. Turn on main switch to “ACC” position

5. Insert USB

6. On screen, Menu  Setting  General  System Info

7. Then press ”Software Update”

8. Confirmation message comes out, press “Yes”

9. System will start update and reboot automatically. (Validation, then update)

10. If update finishes successfully, “Completed” message will come out.

It will take maximum 45 min to update software. To avoid draining battery, please keep connecting battery charger while update is ongoing. If you don’t have battery charger, please ask your Yamaha dealer or run engine while update is ongoing.