2019 Yamaha NIKEN Media Buzz

Cycle World

  • “It’s on rails, even over cold, wet, dirty, or uneven surfaces…”

  • “You gain a lot without giving up the classic motorcycling experience.”
  • “I’m surprised by how the Niken works and how conventional it feels. There’s no adjustment period or adaptation required to ride it; all the [motorcycle riding] skills, instincts, and muscle memory you’ve cultivated over the years carry over perfectly.”
  • “On top of the fact that the Niken is fun to ride, it’s also got a comfy seat and upright ergos, and the ride quality is sport-tourer plush.”
  • “If the Niken’s front end was hidden from view, I don’t think I would have known there was an extra wheel down there.”
  • “That additional front wheel essentially doubles front-end traction, leading to a nice boost in confidence while ripping through corners—especially when road conditions are less than ideal.”

Rider Magazine

  • “…I could push it harder into corners than anything I’ve ridden without a wit of concern…”

  • “…many riders will find it more fun and less stressful to ride than a single-track motorcycle.”
  • “…there’s simply a phenomenal amount of grip available for cornering and braking.”
  • “…the steering is butter smooth, neutral and low effort…”
  • “…the Niken is a triple treat in more ways than one.”


  • “…a comfortable, well-suspended motorcycle that corners like crazy...”

  • “I had an absolute blast riding it…”
  • “Hats off to Yamaha for doing abnormal things now and then just because they can, flexing their engineering muscles.”

Cycle News

  • “…the more you lean, the better it gets.”

  • “…you’ll be surprised by how maneuverable it is…”
  • “…it was like a light bulb illuminated in our two-wheeled brain. We get it.”
  • “Steering feels natural, and it changes direction with minimal handlebar pressure.”
  • “Not only does the suspension offer pleasing road holding through turns, it filters out the wrinkled effects of beat-up pavement.”
  • “Well-positioned ergonomics, which are neither too relaxed, nor too sporty, keep you in a comfortable upright riding position.”
  • “…the handlebar bend and coziness of the saddle is spot on.”
  • “Even after a full day in the saddle, we were raring to ride more.”

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