2019 Tracer 900GT Media Buzz Press Reviews

Cycle World

  • “What a tremendous motorcycle.”

  • “A combination of a willing engine, sorted chassis and creature comforts make the Tracer 900 GT an excellent sport touring motorcycle.”
  • “The Tracer is just as ready to shred a mountain road as it is to chew up 500 miles in a day.”
  • “After the event I put in three 500-mile days to really put the comfort factor to the test and ended each 10-hour day in disbelief… How can a smaller sport-tourer such as the Tracer 900 GT . . . be so comfortable?”
  • “…it's extremely comfortable.”
  • “…one of the most comfortable saddles in sport touring.”
  • “The new windscreen is easy to adjust with one hand, even at speed.”
  • “Absolutely one of the best [windscreens] I’ve experienced in some time.”
  • “So the Tracer 900 GT keeps you comfortable, but can it excite and engage? Short answer: absolutely.”
  • “…outright performance is spot-on…”
  • “The Tracer 900 GT’s quickshifter works flawlessly for both spirited riding and just cruising along.”
  • “Controlled by an easy-to-use switch gear on the left, the cruise control fueling while activated is silky smooth.”


  • “By the end of my day in the saddle I was a fan…”

  • “It doesn’t take a dang rocket surgeon to surmise that being able to do a spur-of-the-moment 1000-mile day on a brand-new box-stock motorcycle, with no real complaints or issues, speaks pretty highly of the motorcycle…”
  • “This is a sporty sport tourer.”
  • “…the proven 847cc Triple is not only a great, howling sport motor, its torquey midrange makes it also ideal in a lightweight sport-touring bike.”
  • ““…suspension felt nice for 180 pounds of me and gear – sporty and well-damped but not so sporty you wouldn’t want to sit there for 800 miles.”
  • “Wow, great bike.”

Rider Magazine

  • “Like its predecessor, the renamed, revised and refined Tracer 900 GT has quickly established itself as a staff favorite.”

  • “We just can’t get enough of its rowdy triple, and it manages to be practical without being boring and sophisticated without being complicated…”
  • “On a bike as frisky, agile and comfortable as the Tracer 900 GT, consecutive 500-mile days were a delight…”
  • “…at cruising speeds it hums along smoothly and quietly”
  • “…the GT is a lightweight among sport tourers, making it ideal for solo touring...”
  • “Obedient in the best possible way, only minimal effort is required to tip the bike in and carve surgical arcs around corner after corner, and tossing it from side to side is a real pleasure.”
  • “This bike is an absolute blast in the twisties!”
  • “…an all-purpose, high-performance bike that fits nearly any budget.”

Ultimate Motorcycling

  • “Out on the road, the GT handles impeccably, peeling into corners gently and even better, remains confident through the turn.”

  • “In the canyons, you’ll be taking advantage of the impressive low-end and mid-range power, virtually catapulting your way out of the apex and putting an emphasis on the sport in sport touring.”
  • “The Tracer is at home on the edge of the tire, switching directions quickly . . . in a poised and stately manner.”
  • “There is plenty of cargo space to handle extended trips, as well as the daily commuting grind.”
  • “With a stellar engine, superb handling, a competent electronics suite, baggage, and user-friendliness as an inherent design feature, the 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT has plenty of goodies at an appealing price.”


  • “…the Yamaha Tracer 900 GT would be my go-to motorcycle for long days in the saddle.”

  • “The Tracer 900 GT is an excellent touring machine…”
  • “Reach to the handlebars is comfortable with a upright posture, while the footpeg position is under the rider in a location that allows for sporty handling with plenty of legroom.”
  • “Adjusting the windscreen is simple and straightforward with just a squeeze and slide up or down.”
  • “…the Tracer’s handling and engine package work in harmony, slicing through corners and shooting down the straights with sportbike-like intent.”
  • “…time and distance flies on the Tracer.”
  • “…the Tracer 900 GT is the new face of Yamaha Sport Touring.”


  • “It is noticeably more comfortable than its predecessor without losing any of its sportiness.”

  • “The sport touring category could easily represent the best of all moto worlds, at least for riding on pavement, and this revised and refined entry is perfect for it.”
  • “The heart of the beast, the magnificent Yamaha triple, remains one of the best engines on the market…”
  • “…I appreciated the Tracer’s nearly 4 inches narrower handlebars, which not only made squeezing through traffic easier but effectively increased the steering response”
  • “With this new bike’s new seat, I rode happily all day…”

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