2018 Star Venture Media Buzz


  • “This is the V-twin touring bike we’ve been waiting for. Plenty of character and emotional appeal, paired with modern performance and sophisticated technology.”

  • “The most torque. The greatest storage capacity. The lowest MSRP. Looking at the numbers, the Star Venture leads the luxury-touring category. It’s a winner on the open road, too.”

  • “Handling is exceptional, and significantly more athletic than anything else in this class.”

  • “Low-gear acceleration is brisk—the Star Venture feels quicker than its American competitors . . .”

  • “Star Venture steering is light and precise, ground clearance is generous, and mid-corner manners are stable and predictable—even when you need to scrub some speed using the strong, fade-free linked triple disc brakes.”

  • “Sure-Park operation is smooth and predictable and a veritable lifesaver when maneuvering around hilly, uneven or loose surfaces, especially with a passenger aboard.”


  • “The Star Venture raises the bar to the highest level yet in this [luxury touring motorcycle] category with unprecedented levels of comfort, convenience and performance.”

  •  “Yamaha spent a lot of time getting the feel and sound of the Venture’s engine just right, and it paid off in genuinely smooth, brisk acceleration even two-up and loaded with a healthy bark from the exhaust and crisp, clean shifting.”

  • “The engine loafs along pleasantly in its top fifth and sixth gears on the highway, handles twisting roads easily in third or fourth and whips the heavy motorcycle, you and your passenger around slower traffic with ease, often with a single downshift.”

Cycle World

  • “Yamaha has hit the bullseye by making a heavyweight touring motorcycle more accessible and comfortable for the masses through a mix of thoughtful ergonomic design and smooth performance characteristics.”

  • “It’s an exceptionally smooth and refined luxury tourer with enough personality to keep you entertained from both a performance and sensation perspective.”

  • “The top box alone can swallow two of the market’s biggest full face helmets. I stuffed an entire backpack in a saddlebag, and there are nooks for both the passenger and the rider galore.”

  • “The sound quality was clear through the intercom, and through the bike’s speakers excellent.”

  • “The new motor has torque everywhere, stump-pulling, smooth as silk torquey-goodness.”

RiderDomain.com - Part #1

  • “This could very well be the most refined air-cooled Twin engine ever manufactured.”

  • “Lofty levels of road performance, well thought out creature comforts for both passenger, and rider, with excellent craftsmanship, it’s clear the Tuning Fork company has a winner on its hands.”

  • “Two-up, loaded down touring is what the Star Venture excels at. High-tech and full of creature comforts, the Yamaha offers tremendous value and quality.” 

  • “The cockpit of the Star Venture is about as luxurious, convenient and cozy as a motorcycle can get.”

  • “Regardless of [drive mode] setting, throttle response is perfect, feeling as natural as a crisply-jetted set of carburetors, with smooth, yet immediate engine response when the right grip is twisted.”

  • “At any speed, the suspension glides over pavement, as if you’re riding on a two wheel Granite Gray cloud delivering a truly regal ride. The competition certainly offers some cozy riding motorcycles, but not like this.”


RiderDomain.com - Part #2

  •  “Creature comforts – it’s what separates a good touring motorcycle from a great one. You name ‘em, and the Yamaha Star Venture has got them.”

  •  “. . . the Sure-Park electronics are pure genius taking the guesswork out of delicate parking lot maneuvers.”

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