2018 Star Eluder Media Buzz

The Star Eluder aims to shake-up the bagger segment—just like the Star Venture put the luxury touring class on notice. Here's what the media had to say after their first tour aboard the Eluder.

Rider® Magazine (Jan. 2018)

  • “The Eluder embodies exactly what a bagger should be—a bike that grabs your attention and demands to be noticed, with a big, torquey V-twin and a relaxed riding position. But it is also handles well, is all-day comfortable and has an up-to-date, well-integrated set of safety and technology features.”
  • “With long floorboards and a wide, pullback handlebar, the seating position easily accommodates my tall, long-arms-and-legs frame and offers room to move around."
  • “Contributing to rider confidence is one of the lowest in-class unladen seat heights—27.6 inches—that makes it easy to plant both feet solidly on the ground at stops.”
  • “Massive triple-disc brakes are equipped with ABS and Yamaha’s Unified Braking System, and they work exceptionally well with ample stopping power and good feel at the lever.”

Motorcycle.com (Jan. 2018)

  • “The handling is responsive, and accelerating out of corners with the harmonious V-Twin exhaust note is my kind of music.”
  • “From the moment I thumbed the starter button, I knew I was going to like the 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder. The exhaust note just hit me in the right place and made me smile.”
  • “The engine’s torque is evident from the moment the rider begins to release the Assist and Slipper clutch.”
  • “At 75 mph, the engine is turning about 2,600 rpm and not a single offending vibration can be felt in the floorboards, the grips, or the seat.”

Ultimate Motorcycling (Jan. 2018)

  • “The suspension on the 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder is perfect. Yamaha hit just the right balance, with the action pliable without being too soft. Even on poor condition roads, the Eluder is smooth and simply a joy to ride.”
  • “Sophisticated composite engine mounts help keep the big twin’s dual-counterbalanced vibes at bay without compromising handling. It definitely has a better overall feel than rubber mounting.”
  • “For a big bagger, the Eluder is notably agile in the canyons. On the freeway, this motorcycle is as steady as you would expect, and it is imposingly impervious in crosswinds.”
  • “I’m a big fan of linked braking, and the Yamaha Star Eluder’s system works completely transparently.”

Baggers® Magazine (Jan. 2018)

  • “Overall, the Star Eluder is a very capable bagger that is one of the most comfortable on the market, handles and rides extremely well, features plenty of torque to inspire confidence on the open road, and offers ample storage for a solo tourer ready to explore.”
  • "The beefy 46mm telescopic fork works harmoniously with the linkage-type rear gas-pressurized shock setup to provide effortless cornering with an overall buttery smooth ride."
  • “The 7-inch full-color LCD display is controlled via touchscreen, handlebar controls, or voice commands—it really is one of the best and most comprehensive infotainment packages on the market.”

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