Feature Benefits

Top Features

  • 2-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled EFI Engine
    The new hi-tech 397cc engine has all the features you'd expect to find in a top-of-the-line sled: computerized ignition (ECM), 3-stage exhaust power valve, batteryless fuel injection, electronic oil-injection and electric start. Tuned exhaust with EPTS (exhaust pipe temperature sensor) and a detonation sensor work together for reliable performance. A lightweight, counter-balance shaft handles unwanted vibration to deliver a smooth, wide range of power.
  • Lightweight Chassis
    Designed to keep the weight down, the new alloy chassis uses minimal parts without compromising durability or function.
  • Digital Gauge
    The compact digital gauge displays speed, RPM, fuel level, hours while light indicators warn against any oil or engine temperature issues.
  • CVTech Drive System
    The sensor monitors cylinder vibration to signal the ECM in the event of combustion detonation due to improper fuel or running conditions so that timing can be adjusted to prevent engine damage.
  • Rear Suspension
    Torsion springs and twin tube shocks offer 10.7" of rear suspension comfort.
  • 121" x 14" Camso Hacksaw Track
    The lightweight 121" track is slightly narrower with shorter lugs for agility and balanced-handling.


  • Modern
    A modern snowmobile with the weight of a 30 year old fan-cooled sled opens the door for a whole new era in snowmobiling function and fun.
  • Push Button Reverse
    A simple push of a button causes the engine to restart in reverse. The audible ‘back-up’ beeper indicates the reverse system is engaged and continues to beep until the button is pushed again to restart the engine in its forward direction. A simple, lightweight and effective way to back out of a tight situation.
  • Handlebar and Thumb Warmers
    Adjustable handlebar and throttle lever warmers come standard.
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank
    The 11.7 gal / 44L fuel capacity, coupled with the EFI engine, means extended operating range.
  • Electric Start
    Turnkey electric starter provides quick and reliable ignition in all conditions.
  • Race Screen
    The 4" race screen is the perfect size to deflect snow away from the console.
  • Premium Seat
    The seat is designed for mobility during aggressive cornering, smooth transitions through bumps and comfort during long rides.


  • Power Valve System
    Based on the RPM, the power valve system adapts the exhaust port opening for maximum torque and fuel efficiency.
  • CVTech Trail Bloc Drive Clutch and Invance Driven Clutch
    The CVTech Trail Bloc drive clutch and Invance driven clutch provides reliable, low-temperature operation with wide ratio performance. The small diameter main bearing allows the belt to sit lower in the primary for a super low first gear, creating a wider ratio transmission through the secondary pulley to efficiently pull every pony out of the compact engine.
  • EFI Engine
    Based on the engine RPM, electronic fuel injection provides efficient fuel delivery at two different injection points in the cylinder for maximum torque and response. The computerized fuel injection ensures reliable cold weather starting and maximum fuel range with low exhaust gas emissions.
  • Hayes Performance Brakes
    The strong Hayes hydraulic Stealth brake master-cylinder is equipped with a composite Stealth brake lever and lightweight caliper which provides great modulation for a better feel and powerful stopping performance.
  • Lightweight
    The compact powerplant weighs in under 50 lbs, packing a mighty punch with its class-leading hp to weight ratio.
  • Liquid Cooled Engine
    With alloy bulk-head and tunnel heat exchangers, the engine stays cool when things heat up.


  • NEW 'Stryke' Single Keel Ski
    The new Yamaha design, single keel ski, strikes the elusive balance between lightweight steering effort and precision handling over a wide range of snow conditions. Unique, staggered carbides further enhance steering response. A unique shim pad assembly works in conjunction with the rubber saddle block to adjust the carbide pressure point. Overall ski stance is also adjustable by relocating the thick spacer located on each ski axle to the opposite side.
  • Tall Handle bars
    The 4.5 inch riser block positions the hooked end bars within easy reach whether seated or standing.
  • 38-Inch SRV Front Suspension
    Derived from the sleek SRV-M Front Suspension, this new lightweight design is ultra compact to reduce unwanted spindle and suspension component drag in deep snow. The neutral stance allows for great maneuverability in tight terrain along with predictable manners on the trail. The lightweight, forged aluminum spindles join the widely spaced upper and lower control arms producing a large caster angle for tight turning and ease of steering. .
  • 'Punched' Running Boards
    The light-weight running boards are designed to shed snow and are serrated to give good hold when standing for confident maneuverability.