2016 Yamaha FJR Media Buzz Press Reviews


  • “The FJR’s whole dynamic demeanor is pleasing, from the generously torquey 1,298cc inline-four to the perfectly calibrated ride-by-wire throttle system.”
  • “A riding position that’s dead-center in the sport-touring realm—one that gives your upper body a slight forward cant, but that also offers plenty of legroom and an awesomely good seat—works with really good aerodynamics for a superb high-speed experience.”
  • “It continues to be the kind of bike that will make you think of long summer days in the saddle, pointing its LED-illuminated prow at the horizon, not stopping until the 6.6-gallon tank is almost empty.”
  • “Yamaha did an all-around excellent job getting the FJR to react smoothly to pretty much whatever you do.”

Cycle World

  • “I immediately felt right at home. The riding position is “just right”
  • “The six-speed transmission is a godsend!”
  • “The Assist & Slipper clutch works very well…”
  • “…both FJRs performed flawlessly.”

Rider Magazine

  • “Even with the sixth gear upgrade, it was good to feel that the FJR hadn’t lost its comfort or all-around competence.”
  • “It just felt right from the start, and as we hit the superslab out of town, the stout in-line-4 pulled me along with no sign of stress, ready to boost forward when my right hand asked.”

Ultimate MotorCycling

  • “Everything that made the FJR1300A a great bike in the past is still there, but with more performance, more comfort, and more panache. Yamaha took an already excellent FJR1300 and markedly improved it.”



  • “That extra gear is without question a major improvement to the 2016 FJR. The additional cog certainly gives the FJR more flexibility and a more relaxed and comfortable pace at higher speeds.”
  • “[The assist-and-slipper clutch] adds another element of safety and comfort when you combine it with the FJR’s already outstanding ABS and Unified Braking Systems.”


  • “Yamaha did a nice job of updating this bike while preserving the overall soul of the beast that has made it a favorite for so many riders looking to tackle long distances with a combination of comfort and speed.”
  • “More impressive than the addition of a sixth gear was the redesign of the transmission itself. I found the upgraded separate-dog transmission with helically cut gears, redesigned gearbox, and addition of a slipper and assist clutch to be the real story here.”
  • “I was surprised at how little input was needed to get the FJR to go where I wanted it to go. For a bike that weighs 635 pounds, it handled itself relatively well through the corners and felt stable and planted on the highway.”
  • “I can see the ES appealing to riders looking for a plush, comfortable ride, while the standard version is better suited for the sportier side of sport-touring.”
  • “There is a reason this bike is a top pick for the Iron Butt riders in the audience. The changes for 2016 make this an even more accomplished big bike to tackle big miles.”


  • “The smooth throttle acts together with the reduced gear lash and slipper clutch to make riding, including aggressive riding, easy and more controllable. Whether opening the throttle on corner exits or quickly down-shifting on corner entries, the big FJR stays poised and balanced. Pretty impressive stuff.”
  • “The riding position itself felt close to perfect for long-distance touring.”
  • “…the non-electric suspension on the 1300A, particularly the fork, provided excellent feel and feedback that generated confidence while cornering and braking.”
  • “…the FJR can be hustled through the twisties without too much effort, and can even change directions relatively quickly.”
  • “Based on our initial ride of both models, it appears Yamaha has again improved an excellent platform for riders that are looking for a luxury sport tourer.”


  • “…the FJR straddles the divergent worlds of smooth cruising and grippy cornering.”
  • “…this bike lets you lean way over into a corner without a hiccup. We had a great time dive-bombing corner after corner all the way from Cottonwood to Prescott. It was a blast in any of the settings.”


  • “The engine is smooth and powerful, and the torque delivery is broad. This isn’t a bike that requires a lot of sawing through the gears to ride smoothly.”
  • “The combination of refinements has resulted in a super smooth-shifting bike that is easy to operate at takeoff with delightfully smooth upshifts and downshifts.”
  • “Overall, the FJR1300 is a fast, fun and smooth sport touring bike.”


  • “The FJR1300 is a fast, fun and smooth sport touring bike.”
  • “The combination of refinements has resulted in a super smooth-shifting bike that is easy to operate at takeoff with delightfully smooth upshifts and downshifts.”
  • “The FJR begs to be pointed toward the horizon and ridden – briskly.”