Top Features:

  • Innovative YZ450F-Based Engine Design
    All-new for 2016—with a revolutionary rearward slanted, liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-stroke powerplant with four titanium valves based on the 2016 YZ450F™, a wide ratio five-speed transmission and WR-specific modifications—the new WR450F™ is an “out-of-the-box” enduro machine. (California Green Sticker compliant with a forestry service-approved spark arrestor.)
  • New Electric Starter System
    New, main switch-free electrical system provides push-of-the-button electric starting convenience, Just push the starter button and go – no need to power on a main switch or insert a key.
  • Bilateral Beam Aluminum Frame
    The WR450F features a YZ-bred aluminum Bilateral Beam frame - engineered from castings, forgings and extrusions - with engine mounts optimized for chassis rigidity characteristics needed in enduro riding conditions.
  • Industry Leading KYB® Suspension
    Industry leading, fully adjustable YZ450F-based KYB® spring-type forks with speed-sensitive damping and KYB® shock delivers precise, best-in-class, fade-free handling.
  • Enduro-Ready WR450F Features
    WR450F-specifc details include a new wide-ratio five-speed transmission, temperature regulating radiator fan, an optimized clutch, sealed O-ring chain, skid plate, kick start, and a standard side-stand.
  • New 270mm Front Brake
    270mm front disc brake offers outstanding machine control and performance, with exceptional stopping power and controllability.
  • Enduro Lighting and Instruments
    Headlight, LED taillight and a complete LCD enduro race computer are ready for long race days.
  • Enduro Tires and Wheels
    Enduro-specific tires and an 18-inch rear wheel.


  • Enduro-Tuned YZ450F Power
    YZ450F-style 449cc liquid-cooled DOHC four-stroke with four titanium valves and forward intake and rearward exhaust shares the YZ450F’s piston and cam profiles, with WR450F-specific silencer and ECU tuning built for enduro racing.
  • Advanced Fuel Injection
    Fuel injection system delivers precise throttle response and smooth power delivery at all altitudes and temperatures, featuring a high-performance 44mm throttle body. The air filter is easily accessed without tools and is positioned high in front of the bike, away from dirt roost from the rear tire and further away from water and mud.
  • Compact Engine Layout
    Dry-sump lubrication system carries the oil reservoir inside the engine cases, for excellent mass centralization and no exposed oil lines that can be damaged.
  • YZ-F-Derived Cooling System
    Large-capacity YZ450F radiators provide maximum cooling efficiency with great strength, and come standard with a cooling fan for additional airflow under demanding race conditions.
  • Enduro-Ready Wide Ratio Gearing
    Wide-ratio five-speed transmission and enduro-spec multiplate clutch—ideal for the rigors of tight woods racing.
  • Wraparound Rear Positioned Exhaust Layout
    Lightweight exhaust system maximizes engine power while centralizing the mass of the exhaust system, thanks to the innovative wrap-around design.
  • California Green Sticker Compliant and Forestry Approved Muffler
    An aluminum mechanical muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor keeps things light and doesn’t require routine servicing.
  • New Electric Starter System
    Electric starter provides effortless, convenient restarts, while new main switch-free electrical system makes starting and riding away even easier than before.


  • Bilateral Beam Aluminum Frame
    YZ450F-based frame offers a compact size while optimizing mass centralization. With its extensively tested assembly of aluminum forgings and extrusions complete with model-specific engine mounting, the WR450F frame retains legendary Yamaha handling and response.
  • Compact and Lightweight Chassis
    Compact YZ450F-based chassis provides a lightweight feeling with advanced suspension systems for plush and responsive performance for the most demanding rider.
  • Legendary KYB® YZ450F Front Fork
    Industry leading, fully adjustable YZ450F-based KYB® spring-type fork with speed-sensitive damping and Kashima Coat™ has been specifically tested and tuned for enduro racing and delivers precise, fade-free handling. Fork protectors provide excellent tube protection.
  • Revised Shock Tuning
    The KYB® shock provides 12.5 inches of wheel travel with adjusters for high- and low-speed compression damping, rebound and spring preload—and features a large piggyback reservoir for excellent damping and fade resistance.
  • New 270mm Front Brake
    Large diameter 270mm front brake system is the same disc fitted to the 2016 YZ450F, for exceptional stopping power and braking control.
  • Enduro-Specific Tires and Wheels
    18-inch enduro-specific rear wheel and tire provides added comfort on rough trails as well as reducing the possibility of pinch flats.

Additional Features:

  • Distance-ready WR Ergonomics
    YZ-family derived bodywork and seat look and feel excellent on long rides, with ultra-wide footpegs, four-position, rubber-mounted adjustable bar clamps and a tapered aluminum handlebar for great on-the-trail comfort.
  • Real World Tough Features
    All this, including: tool-less access air box, 18-inch rear wheel, plastic skid plate, tapered aluminum handlebars, wave-type brake rotors, electric start, on-the-fly clutch adjuster, O-ring chain and aluminum side stand. This machine is ready for tight trails, woods, or desert fun.
  • Enduro Computer
    Multi-mode enduro meter now includes engine warning and fuel level warning lights. Standard mode displays speed, two trip meters and clock functions, while race mode features average speed, race time and trip functionality.
  • Embedded Graphics
    Yamaha’s unique embedded graphics are built into the bodywork for extended durability, resisting both peeling and damage.