Top Features

  • 123cc Yamaha Engine
    The easy to start 123cc genuine Yamaha engine delivers spunky performance and years of rock solid reliability.
  • Safety Tether Switch
    An integrated safety switch automatically shuts-down the engine when ever the driver is not on-board or the hood is lifted open.
  • High Visibility Whip Flag
    A standard, rear mount, high-visibility whip flag delivers high-level awareness for those in the area as your youngster hones his or her skills.
  • Torsion Spring Rear Suspension
    Just like the big sleds, the SRX 120 features a fully-functional slide-rail torsion spring suspension serving up 4.5-inches of travel.


  • Governor Speed Control
    An easy to adjust governor allows you to control the top speed and acceleration of the vehicle, allowing you to slowly increase the performance as your child gains confidence and skill.
  • Transistorized Ignition
    A full electronic ignition system ensures quick and easy starts, season after season with no adjustments to make.


  • Easy Steer Plastic Skis
    The full plastic skis are engineered with just the right amount of keel for precise, predictable handling while delivering easy steering effort.
  • Double Wishbone Front Suspension
    Patterned after Yamaha’s full-size, the fully functional, double-wishbone front suspension features coil-over shocks and 3-inches of travel.


  • 55-Watt Headlight
    A standard, always-on, headlight provides high visibility lighting both day and night.
  • Plush Wrapped Seat
    A contoured, foam-wrapped seat serves up comfort and a secure riding position for increased driver confidence.