Top Features

  • NEW FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL Front Shocks
    The latest generation in air shock technology from FOX - the new FLOAT 3 EVOL series shock features an improved piston and valving stack for more control and better performance in a wider range of terrain. The patented EVOL chamber is a secondary air-spring chamber that provides anti-bottoming control and reduces unwanted vehicle roll.
  • NEW FOX FLOAT EVOL R Rear Shocks
    Premium FOX shocks tout the latest in air-spring technology with the addition of an EVOL chambers. The added volume provided by this piggyback chamber delivers added control, reduced harsh bottoming, and rebound adjustments (rear arm shock only) for advanced suspension tuning for terrain and riding style.
  • NEW Heated Trail Seat
    Cut through the chill of a cold winter’s day with our high-comfort heated seat, offering low and high heat settings easily toggled by a dash-mounted control.
  • NEW Performance Windscreen
    The lean and assertive demeanor of the SR Viper X-TX LE is freshened for 2016 with a new performance inspired, color-matched windscreen.
  • NEW 1.6-inch Cobra Track
    Blending the best of on-trail bite and off-trail flotation and traction, the 1.6- inch lug Cobra™ track is a key contributor to the X-TX SE versatile make-up.
  • Dual Shock SR 141 Rear Suspension
    The unique Dual Shock SR 141 rear suspension is a torsion springless design incorporating an infinitely adjustable FOX® FLOAT® EVOL shock at the rear arm for reduced weight and limitless tuning capabilities. The open and clean look of the suspension allows snow to evacuate quickly and easily, eliminating build up and unwanted weight. In addition, the uncoupled design delivers excellent flotation and conforms to terrain in an effort to deliver optimum traction in a wide variety of conditions. The performance-tuned design sacrifices little on trail as well, thanks to its bump bridging capabilities and impressive acceleration and braking attributes.


  • Genesis 1049cc High Performance Engine
    The 3-cylinder Genesis engine has been regarded as the industry’s best four-stroke engine. Featuring a sophisticated closed-loop fuel injection system and 4-valves per cylinder, the 1049 engine delivers a class-leading horsepower, instant throttle response and a thick torque curve that jettisons you from corner to corner in a blink of an eye. All with great fuel economy and a reputation for bulletproof durability.
  • YVXC Clutching
    Featuring Yamaha drive and driven clutching, the YVXC system delivers smooth engagement, instant acceleration, fast reacting backshift, and cool operating temperatures for a long belt life. The YVXC clutch system delivers Yamaha’s hallmark smooth power delivery, responsive engine feel and unmatched quality.
  • Hayes Performance Brakes
    A dual-piston brake caliper applies braking forces directly to the drive shaft and is mated to an oversized, lightweight drilled rotor. The unique radial brake master cylinder helps to deliver consistent “feel” in a wide variety of conditions while the oversized lever delivers greater braking force and feel with reduced effort.
  • High Flow Intake and Exhaust
    The forward facing design of the air-box and engine intake system on the Genesis 1049cc engine results in maximum airflow to the engine and no starvation. This ensures maximum power and throttle response. In addition, a high-flow, stainless steel exhaust header is cooled by snow for optimum performance without excessive heat and noise.


  • Tuner 2 Skis
    Our Deep Keel Tuner 2 Skis are engineered specifically for the SRV Chassis and the unique characteristics of the Viper. They deliver reduced ski-pressure and near effortless steering; and the dual keel design delivers an assured “bite” in the corners with reduced darting. The design also allows you to customize the handling and feel of your sled with easy to change carbide runners in a variety of insert lengths for the inner and outer keel.
  • Lightweight SRV Front Suspension
    The over-structure design of the SRV chassis creates a rigid mounting point for the unique 30-degree swept design of the SRV front suspension. The “angled” mounting design directs impacts back to the strongest points of the chassis, creating a more stable and predictable ride. Tall, lightweight forged spindles help to deliver an incredibly strong front suspension with controlled camber geometry for stability and light steering effort.
  • SRV Chassis
    Sophisticated aluminum extrusions are joined with precision castings to create an incredibly strong, lightweight and rider intuitive chassis. The over-structure design provides rigidity and is designed to disperse severe impacts throughout the chassis making it exceptionally resilient.
  • Magnesium Drive Case/Oil Reservoir
    The multi-function case is made of lightweight magnesium and serves multiple functions. Foremost it serves as the chain-case housing with integrated push-button reverse; it also provides a rigid mounting location for the upper chassis spar; and it serves as the remote oil reservoir. The multi-function design makes for a lightweight and more compact chassis design resulting in improved ride and handling.
  • Conjoined Rear Wheel-Set
    A composite rear axle hub assembly is conjoined into a single hub design, making it both lighter and stronger than two separate wheels, resulting in less un-sprung weight for a more responsive rear suspension.


  • Goggle Bag
    A standard, dash mounted storage bag is perfect for storing an extra pair of goggles or other small items. A meshed bottom allows engine heat to warm the bag and dry out goggles.
  • Digital Gauge Package
    The deluxe gauge package touts large, easy to read black on white digits, making it easy to keep track of vehicle and engine diagnostics even when navigating a drifted ditch-line or mogul littered trail. The easy to operate, technology packed display includes coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, intake air temperature, voltage, along with speed, rpm, altimeter, clock, fuel level, trip meters, and much more.
  • Push Button Reverse
    Standard push button reverse actuates a servo-controlled reverse gear providing both comfort and convenience.
  • LED Taillight
    The high-intensity LED taillight/brake light is lighter and brighter than a traditional incandescent design, and delivers a significantly longer lifespan.