• 3-cylinder Mid Performance 4-stroke engine
    The dependable, durable and fuel efficient Mid Performance engine has been the foundation of snowmobiling’s 4-stroke revolution. The carbureted classic engine’s 3-cylinder design is silky smooth and very trail-friendly.
  • Direct-to-crankshaft clutching
    Instead of using a gear reduction, the Mid Performance engine has the primary clutch directly attached to the crankshaft. It allows the engine to be mounted deeper in the chassis to deliver a lower center of gravity, further improving the sled’s cornering stability. The YVXC primary spins at 8500 RPM to transfer power from the engine to the secondary and on to the track.
  • 20 x 156 x 1.375-inch Camoplast® Rip Saw™ track
    The RS Viking Professional boasts a huge 20x156-inch Camoplast® Rip Saw™ track with 1.375-inch lugs. The deeper lug height delivers improved deep snow acceleration and handling for off-trail usage. The VK Pro’s extra-large version of the Rip Saw™ gives it excellent flotation in fresh snow. Its open-window design accepts extrovert drivers.
  • Dual-range Hi/Lo and Reverse transmission
    The RS Viking Professional has a dual-range transmission, allowing owners to operate the sled in low range for towing heavy loads below 50 MPH or in high range when not towing. The transmission is engaged via a lever on the right-hand side of the cab. The transmission lever also activates the reverse gear.
  • Lightweight forged pistons
    The forged pistons used in the Mid Performance engine are engineered for light weight and still allow high compression rates of 11.3:1 on 87 Octane gas.


  • Wide blow molded plastic skis
    The RS Viking Professional’s super-wide plastic skis give it excellent flotation over fresh snow, while also giving it good trail cornering ability.
  • Ultra-rigid Deltabox™ chassis
    The Deltabox chassis is designed specifically to house the Mid Performance engine. It supports the engine and utilizes it in forming one of the most rigid chassis on the market. The more rigid the chassis, the more consistent the sled will handle.
  • Second generation front suspension geometry
    The geometry of the second generation front suspension features short spindles and long, curved A-arms. The suspension was engineered to deliver excellent cornering stability and consistent turning effort throughout its travel stroke. It delivers 9 inches of vertical travel and sets the skis at 42.7 inches. Steering is consistent, because the spindle caster is maintained at a constant 23 degrees. The curved A-arms help avoid under-snow obstacles.
  • CF die cast construction
    Yamaha’s Controlled Flow casting technique is used for many of the structural pieces on the chassis. The CF process draws the molten metal into the mold under a vacuum, reducing the formation of air bubbles in the material. As a result, pieces can be made much thinner and still deliver the strength characteristics of a conventionally-cast, thicker piece.
  • Traditional handlebars with center grab strap
    The RS Viking Professional has a traditional-style handlebar with a center grab strap. This setup helps users to maneuver through fresh snow or tight spaces.


  • Dual Shock rear suspension
    The RS Viking Professional uses the 40mm rear shock package is comfort calibrated with an emphasis on anti-bottoming. The larger diameter allows for greater fade resistance under load as well. The articulation setup delivers improved soft snow reverse performance, allowing you to back up off trail with greater confidence that you won't dig in.
  • Cavernous under-seat storage
    The seat on the RS Viking Professional flips up to open a large storage area beneath it. The space has a tool kit integrated into it. Consumers can carry extra spare parts, a full collection of tools, and even lunch under the seat.
  • Tubular cargo rack
    The RS Viking Professional has a new tube-construction cargo rack. The simple design is lighter than previous without sacrificing any capacity.
  • Tow hitch
    The RS Viking Professional has a tow hitch mount on the rear of the sled. Consumers can tow a trailer sled for more cargo capacity.
  • Extra tall windshield
    The RS Viking Professional is all about getting the job done, no matter what, so the windshield is very large to protect both driver and passenger from the elements.
  • Digitally controlled hand and thumb warmers
    The RS Viking Professional’s hand and thumb warmers have been consistently rated among the best in the industry. They are individually controlled, with the settings shown on the digital gauge so that riders can see them. Owners can choose from 10 settings on the grips and 10 settings on the thumb warmers. The passenger hand grip warmers have a separate on/off switch.