• Top Performance 4-cylinder Genesis 4-Stroke engine
    The Top Performance 4-cylinder Genesis engine remains the best combination of pure power and rock-solid reliability. Throw in excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, and no need for pre-mix oil and it’s easy to see why the Yamaha 4-cylinder Genesis is the most complete engine on snow.
  • Airbox/intake
    The intake tract on the Apex is 11mm long which maximizes air intake and betters performance. The engine utilizes the pressure waves in the intake tubes as well as the airbox to boost airflow and maximize high RPM performance.
  • Injector
    The distance between the throttle valve and intake valve is designed for optimum fuel delivery. The 4-hole injector on the throttle body creates a spray of finely atomized fuel, with droplets of just tenths of a micron in size. The spray is aimed directly at the intake valve skirt for maximum efficiency and performance. The result - Unmatched throttle response and power.
  • EXUP exhaust pipe
    Yamaha-exclusive EXUP valve technology controls the exhaust pressure waves for optimum intake and exhaust efficiency, delivering unmatched overall performance with more midrange torque. Additionally, the exhaust pipes have been enlarged to 38mm from 35 mm for added exhaust pressure wave efficiency.
  • 15 x 128 x 1.25-inch Camoplast® Ripsaw™ track
    The Rip Saw™ track design has been widely acclaimed in the industry as the best all-around OEM track for acceleration, cornering bite and everyday trail usage. The Rip Saw™ track development is the result of a collaborative effort between Yamaha and Camoplast®.
  • Engine Braking Reduction System
    The Top Performance Genesis 4-Stroke engine features the unique Engine Braking Reduction System. The system allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when the throttle is released, giving riders more of a “coast” feeling.


  • Electric Power Steering
    Industry-exclusive electric power steering system is velocity sensitive, delivering maximum assist up to trail speed, and gradually tapering off from there. You'll love the EPS system because it helps isolate the rider from uncomfortable trail feedback, eases the effort required to move the bars, and provides excellent handling and predictability.
  • Tuner Dual-Keel ski
    The Tuner dual-keel ski greatly contributes to the Apex’s modest, but aggressive trail character. The dual keels keep the ski tracking straight and true down the trail, eliminating nosiness and darting. Each keel has its own wearbar, and Yamaha has four different bar configurations to choose from, which means you can tune your sled's cornering bite and steering effort to suit your personal preference.
  • Front suspension geometry
    The 15mm trail offset on the ski mount help minimize inside ski lift due to centrifugal force during turns. This offset helps the Apex achieve its amazingly smooth handling and straight line performance.
  • Rigid steering gate
    The steering gate has a rigid single-piece construction designed to handle the additional forces exerted by the EPS system. The gate is made using Yamaha’s exclusive lightweight, yet rugged CF diecast manufacturing process.
  • Hooked handlebars
    To match the tall and forward position, a single-piece, dual-hooked handlebar is standard fare on the Apex. The hooks have the same grip material as the main bar section, for consistent control, regardless of hand position on the grip.
  • Short exhaust system
    The Apex has a very short, compact exhaust layout. This helps keep the sleds mass centralized, which results in excellent handling. Another benefit of the short exhaust design is that the tunnel no longer needs to have a cast reinforcement piece to hold the muffler.


  • Mono Shock™ II RA 128
    The Mono Shock II RA 128 rear suspension uses a single shock to control the travel of the skid. The shock is remotely adjustable via a rotating dial located conveniently on the left side of the tunnel, near the driver’s leg. The suspension is widely adjustable to suit most riders in nearly any condition. In addition to the remote adjustment, the Mono Shock II RA 128 is also adjustable at the coil spring and at the control rod. This trouble-free suspension can handle trail bumps with ease.
  • Seat
    The Apex's seat raises the rider’s hips approximately 2 inches for all-day trail riding comfort. The seat has a roomy storage trunk in the rear and is large enough to hold a couple water bottles and spare gloves.
  • HPG front shocks
    The 40mm High Pressure Gas (HPG) shocks on the Apex's third generation front suspension geometry deliver consistent performance with excellent fade resistance.
  • Concentrated hand warmers
    The hand warmers have a concentrated element design, which focuses the heat in the middle of the grip material. The result is a warm grip for your hand’s most comfortable riding position. In addition, an insulator is placed between the heating element and handlebar to retain heat longer and more efficiently than previous designs.
  • Standard electric start
    Yamaha's electric starter system allows consumers to fire up their Apex with the turn of a key. There is no pulling on a nylon cord to get this high-tech engine growling! Electric start is a standard feature on all of Yamaha's 4-stroke machines.
  • Windshield
    The windshield and side deflector design was developed using computer modeling, providing maximum wind protection with minimum aerodynamic drag and swirl-in.
  • Standard mechanical reverse
    The Apex's simple reverse system allows riders to back out of tight spaces hassle-free. It's engaged with the lever located on the right shroud. Just pull out the lever and slide it to the right for quick and easy use.
  • Dual DC outlets
    The Apex offers two styles of DC outlets. It comes with a standard automotive-style outlet for cell phones, GPS or other electronics accessories. And it also comes standard with an RCA-style plug near the left hand grip to power up heated helmet visors or other small-plug accessories.
  • Graphic packages
    The Apex comes in two new graphic packages; Yamaha Blue as well as Heat Red.