bLU cRU GYTR / Graves
10% Rebate Claim Form
bLU cRU GYTR / Graves 10% Rebate Claim Form

Welcome to bLU cRU! Fill out the form below and follow the instructions provided to claim your GYTR or Graves rebate:

  • Eligibility: Qualified Yamaha bLU cRU Off-Road or Road Race contingency registered racer.
  • Program Period: June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017. Deadline to submit claims is within each contingency program year, within 60 days after contingency program close.
  • bLU cRU Member Benefit: 10% rebate on purchases of the following parts and accessories up to $1,000:
     - Off-road Registered Racers: GYTR performance parts and accessories.
     - Road Race Registered Racers: GYTR or GRAVES performance parts and accessories.
  • Supporting Documents Required:
     - Completed bLU cRU GYTR / Graves Rebate Claim Form.
     - Copy of Bills of Sale of the new GYTR or Graves part or accessory numbers purchased from an authorized Yamaha dealer in the Continental United States.
  • Email To:
     - OR -
    Mail To:
      Yamaha Racing Contingency
      bLU cRU GYTR / Graves Rebate
      6555 Katella Avenue
      Cypress, CA 90630
  • Cumulative rebate not to exceed $100 per bLU cRU member. Rebate payouts made via the reloadable bLU cRU debit card.
  • Program details subject to change without notice.