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Yard Built Bolt by Yamaha of Lumberton

Final assembly and detail work on Yamaha Of Lumberton's Battle of the Bolts Build-Off BOLT

We burned the midnight oil here @ Yamaha of Lumberton to make sure we had a top notch product to showcase what can be done to make ANY Star Motorcycle a personalized part of ones life.

Star might build it but anyone can 'make it there own' with a little love and creativity. Thanks Alex.

Well with a lot of time, a great shop family, and a few good friends both old and new, we completed our Custom Battle of the Bolts Star BOLT Yamaha of Lumberton style. We hope you enjoy what we have accomplished and can truly appreciate the sweat and blood that goes into a one of a kind bike like this.

Special thanks go out to Chris from RATTY SHACK for the creative influences that can be found throughout this build. To Alex for driving out and lending a HELPING HAND on the pin stripping touches. Also to Kenneth Britt's body shop who painted our tank and fender, without all of whom none of this would be possible.