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Yard Built Bolt by Skagit Powersports

Introducing the Bonneville Bolt.

Submitted for your approval.

The gas tank has been moved 2" rearward and the rear edge has been raised 2" to remove the gap between the tank and the seat. It looks much more level and makes the neck of the frame look stretched.

Many will ask, "Why 950-AAG?" And I'm glad you did! It's a reference to AMA motorcycle land speed racing class designation. Racing classes determine what record you're going after. 950 is the motor size and is a displacement classification. The first letter is a frame classification, "A" representing "Special Construction." The last two letters make up an engine classification, "AG" represents "Modified Gasoline" meaning unlimited design modifications running only gasoline. If this were a real land speed racer it would be classified as 950cc Special Construction Modified Gasoline, sounds about right for this build.

Cut the air box out to complement the increased airflow of the exhaust. Never hurts to show a little filter every now and then. If you look closely you'll notice a little chrome knob right above the front cylinder. Yep, that's a custom key cover allowing the ignition and key to hide in plane sight.

Ostrich seat was constructed super thin to follow the lines of the bike. 10mm gel pad placed right in the middle the seat makes it actually quite comfortable.

Cut and welded the gauge cluster bracket to drop it low into the gap created by moving the gas tank reward. Added the black speedometer visor for racy look. The light gray Kung Fu Grips complement the gas tank number plate nicely.

Woodcraft racing clip-on handle bars worked perfectly and help put the rider in that aggressive riding position. Had to calm the chrome on the front of the Bonneville Bolt, headlight ring painted black.

Managed to sneak in pesky mirrors and signals just for good measure and to play by the rules of keeping it street legal. Integrated the tail/brake light into the blinkers.

Managed to tuck the front signals in quite nicely while adding sleek bar-end mirrors too.

Skagit Powersports
Base Model: Bolt