Yamaha Yard Built - Bolt 'M7#001-Twins' by Yamaha Motor 7

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Yard Built Bolt 'M7#001-Twins' by Yamaha Motor 7

For Motor 7 the Dealer Built competition was a chance to get back in touch with their youth. Choosing the Bolt, they looked to create a bike that made them remember the 70's/80's, decades when the predominant style was the Scrambler. That's why they decide on this style, a style that was part of their youth and that made them remember their first contact with the motorcycling world.

The choice for the decoration of the "M7#001-Twins", was a way for Team Motor 7 to honour the Yamaha brand. Featuring a split colour scheme depending on which side of the bike oyu look at, they chose the white and red in memory of Yamaha’s 50th anniversary celebrations and the yellow and black in memory of the 60th anniversary this year. The Bolt is transformed with a raised rear custom subframe, scrambler tyres and after market bars. A beautiful custom hand made leather seat sets off the bike whilst an akrapovic exhaust system makes the perfect sound track.