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Yard Built Bolt by Custom Connection Motorsports, LLC

Mission: Impossibolt

We accept this mission and will complete it with great success!

We equipped the Bolt with a custom front air ride system for that true "Low Rider" look and feel. When fully released, the front end is less than 2" off the ground. Notice that the bike is resting on a custom center stabilizer built in-house.

The custom mounted bags and 7" Road Star headlight make the bike look much larger than before. Notice how far the rear fender and bags extend past the rear tire. 

Here, you can see how we kept with the theme of using brass to accent the bike. To accomplish this, we used a titanium exhaust wrap, as well as brass bolts for the engine side covers. We machined the Star rocker cover bolts to achieve this look.

Another view of the extended front fender and the custom modified chin spoiler. Notice how we used the machined rocker cover bolts on the left side covers as well.

The new bags and rear fender completely change the appearance of the bike from the rear. And look at the gap! Not only are the bags gapped with amazing precision, but the custom stretched gas tank is also tailored to match the seat. Polished brass bolts accent the rear fender, following the theme of the bike. Also, notice how clean the cockpit is with the speedo removed. More on that in a minute! Finally, the rear turn signals are clear flush mounted into the filler panels between the bags and the fender. This is a painstaking process, but Brandon and Lee made it look easy!

The inside of the bags had to be cut and re-laminated to accommodate the rear air ride. Also, the M4 muffler designed for an R6 not only accents the look perfectly, but is sounds awesome to boot!

Now for one of our favorite changes. As we mentioned earlier, we removed our stock speedometer and shelved it. We relocated our cluster into our mirrors!

All the functions and indicators are now in the mirrors. They have turn signal indicators, neutral and warning lights, speedometer AND tachometer functionality.

Sinister seats provided us with an awesome custom seat for this build. The Bolt logo is hand etched into the seat, and the brass bolts were machined flush for a truly amazing look!

The seat was made more narrow and given a more pronounced curve to accentuate the lines of the bike.

We decided to go with a clean paint scheme that paid homage to the Bolt's not-so-humble beginnings. Brandon Swafford and Lee Lightcap at M66 Auto Body did an outstanding job for us on this one!

The new stance of the bike is nothing short of awesome. The front fender is tucked in so tightly to the chin spoiler when the air ride is down that there is barely clearance to turn the bars. With the rear air ride in the down position, the rear fender is just inches off the ground.

To recap, this is what we have done to make our Bolt truly custom: Extended front fender with brass accent bolts 7" Road Star headlight with integrated LED turn signals Mirrors with integrated speedometer, tachometer, and all other instrumentation Stretched gas tank too eliminate gap between tank and seat Custom leather seat with etched Bolt logo and machined brass bolts Rigid mount hard saddlebags Stretched rear fender with brass accent bolts, flush license plate mount, and integrated rear lights that function as run, turn and brake lights Custom front and rear air ride Custom machined brass bolts in side covers Custom laminated chin spoiler with brass mesh Special thanks to: Brian and Sinister Seats for the awesome work on the seat Justin James at Duel J Design for the fantastic pictures and graphic work Brandon Swafford and Lee Lightcap at M66 Auto Body for the incredible finish work and paint


In closing, we had a great time full of challenges to bring this Bolt to completion in just a little over 2 months. We're confident that we brought the best product we could to the competition!