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Yard Built Bolt by Coyote Motorsports, LLC

P3 is Complete And This Is One Bad Bolt!

P3 is complete and this is one bad lane splitter. True to our original vision with a svelte figure she is bound to catch looks and envy!

Bassani Radius Sweeper Pipes. You're looking at the only ones in existence at this time... These guys really came through for us, Fed Ex eh... Not so much! No worries, they made it onto our build!

Low and Mean side plate mount and a smooth fender complete our look!

Clip-on's... We're not building for comfort with this one!

Bert Bergeron, our painter, out did himself on this paint job! Thanks Bert, AKA Painter Dave!

Roland Sands Design... Not just for Harleys anymore... Coyote Motorsports used this air cleaner because the clean look is addicting!

Joe @ Speedway Graphics did an amazing job on these hand pinstripes; they just set the flames OFF! He laid down exactly what our vision for this build! Thank you Joe!

Night has set upon us, now for the real damage! The freaks come out at night!

That's all folks, we'd like to thank Star Motorcycles for putting on this contest and all who participated with us. P3 Comes down to the wire and hits a home run!