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Yard Built Bolt by Bob Weaver Yamaha

Bob Weaver Motorsports finished STAR Bolt

At our monthly employee meeting I announced the Battle of the Bolts contest and asked if anyone besides myself was interested. I got a few responses, but as the project got underway more people got involved. We all agreed to build a bobber style bike. I know I wanted a red metal flake bike (living and riding in the 60’s and 70’s that is what many of us did we painted the tank and side covers in metal flake).

We started by asking our title clerk’s husband Larry Hall who is also a customer and painter to paint the tank in red metal flake any design he wanted. When we got the tank back I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The points in the tank matched the points on the Bolt’s wheels so we decided to paint the wheels and the air cleaner cover (side cover on 60’s to 70’s bikes).

We contacted another customer that is a painter, Scott Jahren, who painstakingly taped off the 2 wheels and the rear pulley. When we got those back they were screaming for white wall tires so we ordered up a set of Metzeler’s.

In the meantime the guys removed the turn signals and replaced them with a Low and Mean kit. We removed the rear tail light and relocated it on the left side with a Low and Mean relocating kit. We ordered the lower Bolt shocks and braided cables from STAR. We then made up some sketches of what we wanted in a stainless exhaust system. We had another customer, Dave Klock fabricate the complete exhaust system, including flanges, mounts and tips. Do the silencers remind you of a TZ race bike from the 70’s?

Dave also welded up the holes in the rear fender to smooth it out for Scott to paint. When we sent the rear fender to be painted we also sent the front pulley. We came up with the idea of cutting a hole in the cover to expose the front pulley.

One of the things we struggled with the most was the handle bars. We tried several bars, but never found the look we wanted. I then suggested we do what we did back in the day when I was young, just turn stock bars upside down. We did and that cost us nothing.

We wanted to clean up the front frame down tubes so we removed the horn and relocated it on the front left side of the bike which also solved another problem; it covered up the back of the ignition switch. As for the seat; we wanted to use the STAR Bolt accessory seat, but wanted to change the colors. We decided to use red metal flake vinyl that matched our tank. To pick up the colors of the wheels with the red, white and black, we had another customer Rocky Casullo re-upholster it. We decided on one inch pleats with white piping and black sides. We wanted it to remind you of your Schwinn or Huffy bicycle. I think it does just that! When we took the bike out for the photo shoot, a passer-by commented “hey that looks like the seat off my 1st Huffy bicycle”. I guess we accomplished our goal.

We then did all the detail work of removing all the visible bolts, nuts, washers and screws as well as the engine side cover and painted them black, for the “blacked out” look. We were now done and everyone thought our Bolt came out great! Our Office Manager got involved with the photo shoot when I asked who we knew that could take pictures. She contacted her friends and customers, Kevin and Dawn Cobello. I then got the idea of a pin-up model for the photos. We had another employee whose girlfriend did just that. Our Office Manager got so involved that she went out and found matching metal flake nail polish and shoes to match. We had a great day shooting pictures at 3 different locations we had picked. Everywhere we took the bike people asked what is that? Can I buy it? How much is it? So, being the sales people we are, we collected names and told them we would call them when we were done with it, or better yet they could build one themselves.

Thanks STAR Motorcycles for giving us the opportunity to do this and thanks to all of my employees who worked on this fun project.

We're done! Thanks for looking.