How do you define “adventure”? How about, “epic adventure”? Well, if it’s covering hundreds of miles on remote trails, exploring 19th century mines and long-lost ghost towns, and soaking up the rugged wilderness, all wrapped in amazing views and alongside your riding buddies, then we’ve got a trip for you!
We packed up three Proven Off-Road Wolverine RMAX 1000 Side-by-Sides, invited a small band of core off-roaders, and crossed 317-miles of the Arizona Peace Trail from near sea level to 7,000-foot tall peaks in the Hualapai Mountains over three EPIC days.

Want to take a crack at this two-track paradise? Well, here you’ll find what to bring, what to see, what to expect, and when is the best time to take on this real world RMAX adventure.
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The concept behind the Arizona Peace Trail was conceived early last decade when a group of longtime local riders wanted to connect the western Arizona towns of Kingman and Yuma. Knowing there were countless desert trails in this part of the state that could be used to make a master loop, this group of diehards kick-started the concept to map out this new trail system, ultimately creating a nearly 700-mile mecca of motorized recreation.

With support from the state, the Arizona Peace Trail was born. Today, riders from around the country visit Southwest Arizona to take on all or portions of the trail and enjoy the sights and variety of off-road terrain.

Fun fact: The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative provided a $4,980 grant to La Paz County supporting the Arizona Peace Trail in 2015, and OAI stickers can still be seen on trail markers today. Do you have a trail that needs support? Check out for grant opportunities for your local nonprofit or riding club.

If you go, expect to see some incredible sights, including natural arches, Joshua Tree forests, pine tree forests, incredible cactuses of all types, bountiful wildlife, and so much more. Riders can either choose to camp along the trail (pick your own spot), or you can stay in various hotels scattered along the route.
The first thing you need is wheels, and there are no better than the ones on the Wolverine RMAX 1000 Side-by-Sides for this trip. The RMAX 1000’s combination of comfort, capability, and confidence is unrivaled, and this trip requires all three.

For our trip, we brought along all three versions of Yamaha’s RMAX 1000 Side-by-Sides:
  1. A standard Wolverine RMAX2 1000, complete with Yamaha Genuine accessories for added protection, storage, comfort, and convenience.
  2. An XT-R Edition Wolverine RMAX2 1000 that comes standard with all the essential features for a three-day expedition, such as a WARN winch and dash-mounted Adventure Pro.
  3. And the eye-catching Wolverine RMAX4 1000 LE with versatile space for extra storage, thanks to the convertible back seats, along with a standard SSV sound system to enjoy while cruising the trails.
“We did 317 miles in 3 days over some of the most incredible -- and incredibly rough -- mountain passes I've seen in Arizona,” commented one of our group members, Cody Hooper, who was along for the ride on behalf of UTV Off-Road Magazine. “It was a fantastic trip in vehicles that almost seemed purpose-built for adventures like these.”

Well, Cody, you’re right. They were all purpose built and Assembled in the USA for adventures like these. Let’s continue.

We packed food and water. LOTS of water. Along with Rugged radios, camera gear, sunscreen, Klymit camping gear like tents, bags, pads and chairs, Camp Chef cooking gear, and a couple of spare tires as well as emergency supplies and tools (that we never had to touch, because, well … the Proven Off-Road Yamaha RMAX).
What to bring
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Day 1 Destinations:
• Dollar Cabin: 34.348805, -114.001780
• McGuffie Cabin: 34.257641, -113.684457
• Maggie Wash: 34.291712, -113.622224

Our ride started in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Offering tons of basecamp hotels with plenty of trailer parking, this great little western town also provides direct access to the trails.

Riding just south of Lake Havasu, our Day 1 journey started by heading in a southerly direction to see some of our top sights like Window Rock, the Dollar Cabin, McGuffie Cabin, Maggie Wash, and Alamo Lake. Connecting these historic hidden destinations were endless two-track trails that wound their way through Saguaro cactus lined desert valleys and technical rocky mountain passes.

A unanimous campfire vote that night alongside Alamo Lake confirmed Maggie Wash was the definitive highlight of the day. This ride-through slot canyon with towering walls and ancient rocks flanking each side is a must-see Peace Trail experience!

Summarizing the experience from another friend on the trail, Cain Smead, editor of Dirt Wheels and UTV Action said, “What a fantastic trip. There's no other machine I would have wanted to have been in for these three days. Camping above Alamo Lake after coming down Maggie Wash was the best finish of a day of riding you could ask for.”
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Day 2 Destinations:
• Alamo Lake: 34.306449, -113.536837
• McCracken Cabin: 34.448539, -113.776573
• Signal Ghost town: 34.470957, -113.626964

Day 2 started with an early morning, a beautiful sunrise, and a natural alarm clock in the form of wild burros bellowing near camp and urging us to carry on to the Hualapai Mountains.

If sharing breakfast with burros on BLM land is not your idea of fun, we suggest you check out the nearby Wayside Oasis RV park that also allows for incredible Side-by-Side riding in the Alamo Lake area. This spot features full hookups, a restaurant, and all-important gasoline fill-ups.

After topping off the Wolverine RMAX 1000s with fuel, we ventured north to some scenic areas, like McCracken mine, Signal ghost town, and a couple others, eventually making our way up to the Hualapai Mountains. Along this route, you’ll pass countless Joshua Trees, remote washes and trails, and if you’re lucky, you might enjoy some wildlife sightings.

We arrived up in the Hualapai mountains in the evening of day 2, and we were welcomed by a fantastic meal and our recommended homestyle rooms at the Hualapai Mountain resort. This ride-in, ride-out hotel and restaurant is an off-road adventurer’s paradise with easy access to trails, quaint and cozy accommodations, and some good old fashioned, high-mountain hospitality.
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Day 3 Destinations:
• Hualapai Lodge: 35.093046, -113.876364
• Boriana Mine: 34.937299, -113.918032

The Arizona Peace Trail is not just an off-road adventure; it’s a living history lesson. Our Day 3 down the mountain took us through more mine explorations, more mountain passes, and, lastly, some more great trail rides and washes back on the desert floor.

And, after returning to our staging area, with the history and adventure seeping into our skin and huge smiles on our faces, we reminisced on the old cabins, history in the mines and ghost towns, and the variety of terrain explored – from valleys and mountains to rock climbs and canyons. So many amazing experiences – both big and small – bundled into an immersive adventure that makes the Arizona Peace Trail so EPIC!
Expect the trip of a lifetime. This is bucket list stuff right here.

In Cody’s words: “We tent camped along Alamo lake, rode the longest mountain ridge trail I've ever seen, explored more mines and cabins than I can count, and rode some of the most epic sand wash and two-track trail I've ever seen in this part of the desert.”

We’ll just finish with this: If you’re ever fortunate enough to camp under the stars, explore in a Yamaha for hours on end with friends, see amazing sights and scenery, learn some hands-on history, and cap it all off with a desert sunset, you’ll understand the meaning of REALizing your “EPIC ADVENTURE.”

See you on the Peace Trail!
The best time to take on the Peace Trail is fall or spring, and it can be completed just about anytime between November and April. Summer months can get toasty and are not recommended.
When to go
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