2018 Wolverine X4 Media Buzz Press Reviews



  • [O]nce in the seat the comfort surrounds you

  • [T]he torquey response is impressive

  • Turning th X4 is also a breeze as it seems to slip around corners even if they are tight and up-hill or off camber

  • [The Wolverine X4] really does give the driver confidence in getting up or down most any trail

  • [S]torage space for any gear you might need on the trail


  • Its expansive, well integrated line of accessories make it one of the most versatile side-by-sides on the market.

  • Yamaha’s Wolverine X4 is a great machine for exploring wooded trails and weekend camping trips in the wilderness.

  • We were easily negotiating tight switchbacks that would have had us performing a number of four-point turns in the General 4 or Commander Max.

  • Its sporting performance kept us smiling while its comfortable ride and interior had us wishing the day was a little longer.


  • The engine sits low in the frame, and is compact, yet has a long stroke that gives the X4 one of the best power curves going for a recreational machine.

  • Being a Yamaha, it has superb engine braking.

  • Yamaha also made the machine turn on a dime with superb steering that is precise and easy, with Yamaha’s proven power steering system.

  • Hunters, pay attention here: The X4 is — by far — the quietest UTV on the market today.

  • [I]t’ll be perfect for hauling your buck out after a successful hunt, along with your gear and hunting buddies.

  • It’s a great trail and hunting machine, so if you want to realize your adventure of a dream hunting trip, this is the machine to do it in.

  • It’s Amazing!


  • The engine and drivetrain on the Yamaha Wolverine X4 are also very quiet.  This is one of my pet peeves and one of the reasons why I generally don’t change out exhaust on my buildups. I like a quiet ride where I can talk with my passengers and the Wolverine X4 is probably the quietest on the market.

  • Like many other Yamaha UTVs, the Wolverine X4 comes with an ultra-reliable Ultramatic CVT. This CVT is probably my favorite in the industry because it grabs the belt like no other and also provides for engine braking that works in a predictable and smooth manner.

  • One area where four-seaters always struggle is handling different load scenarios. Typically manufacturers will pick a middle-of-the-road solution which is a little too stiff for driver and no gear, and way too soft and low in the rear when you load it with four-adults.  Well, Yamaha has this situation nailed. They have installed self-leveling shocks in the rear that automatically adjust the ride height based upon load.

  • The Wolverine X4 is comfortable, quiet, capable and it inspires confidence.

  • I absolutely love the predictable feel of the engine braking and power delivery from the Ultramatic transmission

  • The self-leveling shocks in the rear really do a good job dealing with the different payloads a four seat vehicle can asked to handle

  • I drove and was passenger in the back seat with four adults and I found the Wolverine X4 to not only be comfortable, capable and nimble while fully loaded but also quiet enough to carry on a conversation while cruising at slow speeds


  • Its quieter than most UTV’s and more comfortable than many two or four seat models

  • We made several sharp turns that would have some two seaters doing three point turns

  • For a four seat machine to get through any East Coast ride area without ever having to put the thing in reverse was a big surprise

  • We don’t have to put this machine in a shootout to tell you it’s good

  • Fully loaded, the Wolverine X4 is still a blast to drive. In fact the back seat passengers have just as much fun

  • [Y]ou could easily carry enough camping gear for two people to spend a weekend on the trail


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