Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Trick Your Hunting Ride - Part II

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Trick Your Hunting Ride - Part II

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Trick Your Hunting Ride - Part II

By Bob Humphrey

Last August we offered a few suggestions on how you might accessorize your ATV to build the ultimate hunting rig.  But those were our suggestions.  Thanks to modern technology, you can now use your computer to trick out your hunting ATV the way you want it.  Start by returning to the Yamaha Outdoors home page.  Then click on the Build Your Own box.  Pick your model and follow instructions to start tricking it out.

Your first option is color.  The site allows you four or in some models five.  Seriously though, if it’s gonna be a hunting rig, you really only have three options: Realtree AP HD or Advantage Max 4 Camouflage, or Hunter Green.

The next category is protection (for your machine; not for you).  This includes various over fenders, brush guards and skid plates.  What you need will depend to a large extent on where you’re going.  The rougher the terrain and conditions, the more protection you’ll need.

Now purely for hunting, you can select options like a camo seat cover, gripper gun holder and hard-sided gun case(s).  If you need to carry more gear in the field, you can choose from several types of bags including camo front and rear rack bags or a fender bag for your four-wheeler; or larger racks, bags, tool boxes and an enclosed bed for your Side-by-Side (SxS). 

For your own comfort and protection you can add a windshield.  In the case of a SxS you can choose between a half or full windshield.  Want more light?  Add long-range or wide beam headlights, or Ram Rubber spotlight.  For really rough going and extra cargo you can add tire chains, larger racks, baskets and boxes and of course, a winch.  

And if you don’t like the way it looks, or you change your mind, simply go back and make changes, or start all over again.  You can do it as many times as you like.  There’s no cost, at least until you find the model you can’t live without.  Have fun!