Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Ten Hunting Trip Mistakes

By Steve Hickoff

"Failure to plan is planning to fail," the old saying goes. Use these tips to ensure you have a great hunting trip this fall . . . 

1. Failure to read detailed game laws, plus those for ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles. If you fly to hunt, study this material above the clouds at 35,000 ft. You can also do so at camp after arrival. Print regulations from that state’s Web site before you travel, or simply contact them for a printed copy.

2. Forgetting to get specific directions to the camp or location you’re hunting. Any questions?

3. Leaving your address book with telephone trip-contact numbers at home, or forgetting to punch these into your cell phone.

4. Packing light when you should have done the opposite, or lugging too much on the trip. 

5. Not taking a camera along to record those memories. Forgetting batteries for that digital or 35-mm camera, or the right film for the latter. 

6. Failure to bring a cooler along for your meat—soft for air travel, if it will go inside your luggage; hard for road trips to ride in the back of your four-wheeler and truck. 

7. Bringing new boots on a trip that will require a lot of breaking in. 

8. Forgetting to check updated airline baggage regulations, and travel itineraries for particular carriers.

9. No photo I.D. No driver’s license. No passport = No identity. 

10. Failure to leave contact details for your family.