Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Trick Your Hunting Ride - Part II

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Trick Your Hunting Ride - Part II

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Trick Your Hunting Ride - Part II

By Bob Humphrey

ATVs - four-wheelers and Side-by-Side vehicles - make great hunting rigs right out of the box.  But they can be even more useful with the additional of a few accessories.  What follows is a rundown of some of the things you can add to build the ultimate hunting ride. 


Something for carrying something else.  Hunters always have plenty of gear to carry afield, not the least of which is their gun.  For safe secure transport you’ll want a case with a durable outer shell and padded liner.  You can simply throw it in the back of your Rhino or strap it on your four-wheeler.  A better option however is to use a mount kit to hold the case securely in place.

Next come storage bags and boxes for all your other miscellaneous accessories.  Soft bag types are more lightweight and portable and offer some cushioning.  Hard plastic or metal boxes weigh more and usually utilize a more permanent attachment system.  They’re also much more durable and secure however, particularly those with lockable lids.  For the Rhino, you can also add an under-seat box and/or cargo cover or net.


Speaking of covers, you may want something to separate you and your machine from the sun and rain.  Side-by-side roofs come soft or hard, and in camo.  You can also get a cargo canopy for the bed.  And seat covers aren’t a bad idea for your Rhino or four-wheeler.  A bra for your Rhino or fender covers for your Grizzly will help protect the body from nicks and scratches.  When not in use, a storage cover will protect your machine from the elements.   You can even get camo versions to conceal your machine while hunting.


If you’re traveling in the back country, you can almost consider a winch a necessity. Today’s ATVs will take you almost anywhere but it’s that “almost” that could result in a long walk out or a night in the woods.  For rating, go with a minimum 2,500 pounds for a four-wheeler and 3,000 pounds for a Rhino.  A remote switch is also a good idea, especially if you’re alone. 


A windshield or fairing might seem like an extravagance, until you have to ride for a while in the cold, rain or snow.  There are several types to choose from.  Trail lights and a spot could be helpful for post-hunt activities like field dressing and navigating your way out of the woods.

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