Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Pre-Season Make-Ready Waterfowling Tips

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Pre-Season Make-Ready Waterfowling Tips

By Steve Hickoff

This time of the year it pays to prepare for the upcoming waterfowl season. Not only does it pass the time until then, you’ll be able to hunt more effectively with your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side when opening day arrives. 


You can do this yourself, or with a couple hunting buddies. Get a tape recorder, and take turns running your duck and goose calls. Listen to how you sound. Is there room for improvement? 


Do you shadow your significant other at the craft store? Hey, there are supplies there you can use too! Go to the area where they keep felt materials. Pick up some black felt, and use it later to touch up the necks and heads of your goose decoys with a realistic look. Go to the enamel paint section. Grab yellow and green bottles and detail your drake mallard heads and bills, and also by mixing the two pigments. Pick up polyurethane spray, and spot-spray your old battered decoys. Grab some white latex paint, and do detail work on your diver and sea-duck decoys.


Take two bottle caps from your beverage of choice. Drill a small hole through the center of each one. Seal the facing edges together with a hot glue gun, or other binding agent. You’ve just built yourself an inexpensive wood duck call. To use it, hold the cap call against your teeth, and suck in air. Amazing eh. If you’ve heard woodies, the vocalization will come easily. Practice later with wood ducks nearby.


Okay, go to your gun safe. Gather all your shells. Chances are you left some there in disarray at the end of waterfowl season last year. Now’s the time to sort them out by shot size. After doing so, put them in original boxes if possible. Put random loads in small plastic bags, take a Sharpie and note the contents. And don’t forget to check the pockets of your camouflage apparel as you do this pre-season housekeeping.


All of us have a calendar or two hanging from the walls of our house. But do you have one dedicated solely to hunting? This time of the year you can pick up year-end planners in the bargain bin. Do it. Then write in those September-December waterfowling days.