Yamaha Outdoors Tips — 10 Outdoor Ways to Use Your New Grizzly 550 FI Auto 4x4 EPS

By Steve Hickoff

Just look at the thing and it says tough. But it’s got a sweet side too. 

1. You can load a cooler on the back, motor to a swimming hole and have a picnic.

2. You can check those deep woods trail cameras on a regular basis to see what deer and other game are crossing that path. This sustains interest and promises action later on.

3. You can cover more ground fishing than the average person, especially in the headwaters of certain bigger streams. Go further for better angling. 

4. You can stay out as late as you like since this new Grizzly offers 35-watt multi-reflector halogen bulb headlights with high and low beams.

5. You can gather ground-scattered kindling for your woodstove fire back at camp.

6. You can hunt small game such as squirrels and provide more action due to the electric power steering, which offers terrain-covering comfort.

7. You can hang treestands where you find well-traveled game trails, and plot out your fall hunts ahead of time. Change your mind about a spot? Getting back there is easy.

8. You can try to capture photos of wildlife in areas you hunt: doe with fawns, feeding moose and elk, habitat depending.

9. You can manage some off-season housekeeping on your hunting lease, your farm, or your camp property. Fix fences. Clear debris. Haul trash. Tidy up. 

10. You can simply get out and ride for the sheer fun of it. 

Check out the new Grizzly 550 FI Auto. 4 x 4 EPS.