Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Ride and Fish - What's Not to Like?

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Ride and Fish - What's Not to Like?

By Steve Hickoff

HOW: Map out your riding and angling route. It should include stops at places where fish might hold during summer months. Where? Read on . . .

WHERE: These spots can include stocked public-access waters, plunge pools in mountain streams, beaver dams, as well as shady lake bays and even places you don’t find on your GPS unit or old maps. Those are often the best kind.

HOW: Before plotting your next move to a cool angling hole during these hot days first check regulations related to four-wheeler access.

WHERE: Next contact fish and game biologists to get a fix on what species you might encounter on waters managed by the state. Are fishing methods limited? Are they catch-and-release waters?

HOW: After this, to ride more lightly, pack together a tackle kit with bait hooks, lures for trout, bass and other species, as well as spools of fishing line and other gear items. Breakdown fly rods are great for these backwoods runs. Read our “5 Patterns for Summer Fly-Fishing” here.

WHERE: Deep in the woods, don’t be caught without a necessary item. These summer riding days should include bug spray, sunscreen, a simple first-aid kit and other items to make your off-road angling trip comfortable.

HOW: Letting your catch go? Catch-and-release is best done by reeling the fish to hand fast and releasing gently. Circle hooks to expedite the quick return of fish to water or barbless ones – you can pinch it down yourself with pliers – are the best move.

WHERE: Keep fish in the water as much as possible. Hero shots holding the fish high in the air for long periods of time should be minimized.
HOW: Keeping your catch for a meal? You’ll want a reliable soft cooler for the day, strapped to the back of your unit.

WHERE: Eating them while there? You’ll need to check fire-building regulations, including those for designated campsites. Pack your cooking gear in and your litter out.

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