Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Avoid the Summer Fishing Crowd

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Avoid the Summer Fishing Crowd

By Bob Humphrey

Summer means fishing season but even serious anglers can get discouraged when easily accessible waters get overcrowded and over-fished. Here’s a few tips to getting away from the crowds to enhance your experience and possibly your catch rate.

1. Pick waters with motor restrictions or even better, prohibitions. Using a canoe or kayak, the self-propelled angler willing to go the extra distance can usually find less pressured places to fish.

2. Load your gear in and on a backpack and hike to more remote areas. Only serious anglers are willing to take the extra effort to walk to lightly fished waters.

3. Load up the ATV or SideXSide. You may encounter a few more fishermen, but waters accessible only by ATV will still be far less crowded than those closer to the road system. Plus, you can carry a lot more gear. Load the gear boxes or racks of your four-wheeler or the bed of your side-by-side with waders or even a float tube, along with a small cook stove and a few utensils and you can prepare a quick shore lunch. You can even load enough camping gear to spend the night so you can conveniently fish the last, best hours on the day and be on the water at first light the following morning.