Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Speed Scouting Tips for Spring Gobblers

Do you scout wild turkeys and other game to cover a lot of hunting ground using your Yamaha ATV or SxS? Let us know on the Yamaha Outdoors Facebook page.

By Steve Hickoff

Do it fast. Do it right. Get it done.


Turkeys around the country favor protective cover where they can loaf at night, then fly down in the morning and move to feeding/strutting zones.

Find water, as birds often roost on branches above it: rivers, streams, creeks, ponds and even lakeside locations.

Listen hard in the false dawn as turkeys wake up. You’ll hear tree yelps and gobbling to fix flock locations.

Use locator calls. Got a fix on gobbling? Move there fast but do it quietly.


These big birds make a mess of the woods and fields.

Study the ground. Find fresh droppings, leafy scratchings, a strutter’s wing-drag marks on sand and dirt roads, muddy tracks, feathers; whatever fresh (and even old) evidence you can to decode the mystery of turkey movement. 


You’re piecing it together now. You’ve found the roost, nailed fresh sign on the ground and need to lock-down the strut zone.

Look for open areas – fields, pastures, hollows, ridge tops, etc. – to guess and confirm where turkeys will spend the day.

Chances are it has a food source hens will target and nesting cover nearby (for raising broods later).