Yamaha Outdoors Tips — What Can You Do With a Viking VI?

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — What Can You Do With a Viking VI?

As I climbed into the passenger seat of the Viking VI it struck me. “This is absolutely the perfect vehicle for what we’re doing.” “We” included myself and several other members of my hunting party and what we were doing was heading out for an afternoon bowhunt. The guide had to deliver four of us to individual treestands scattered over several thousand acres and the Viking VI provided an ideal means to transport us and all our gear in a single vehicle. And that’s just one example. Here are a few more ideas for why you might want to consider a Viking VI if you’re in the market for a multi-passenger off-road vehicle.


As previously mentioned, if you have to transport multiple hunters, whether to a single destination or several drop-off points, the Viking VI lets you take up to six, including the driver, in one vehicle. You’ll use far less fuel and cause less disturbance to your hunting area. And the bed has ample space to haul your deer or other game back out at the end of a successful hunt.


Sure, you can load the whole family in the pick-up and head to the local trout or bass pond. But so can everyone else. If you want to get away from the crowds where the fishing is always better you need a rugged off-road vehicle. And unless you’ve got a tribe, you can fit the whole family in a single unit, along with fishing tackle, food and beverages and even camping gear if you choose to stay overnight.


Much the same applies to pleasure riding. Riding conventional four-wheelers a family of four would need four machines and a trailer big enough to haul them. With the Viking, you can take a family of six, or a family of four and two friends in a single vehicle that fits in a standard utility trailer. 


Many hands make easy work. Imagine if you could haul a whole crew out to work on your food plots or woodlot in a single vehicle. Load up the bed with tools, seed, fertilizer and whatever else you’ll need and get it all out in a single trip.

These are just a few ideas for how you can make maximum use of a single, multi-passenger vehicle to enjoy the great outdoors. We’d like to hear some of your ideas.