Yamaha Outdoors Tips — How to Film Your Hunt

Filming your hunting, fishing or trail riding trip can preserve good memories.

Filming your hunting, fishing or trail riding trip can preserve good memories.

We recently caught up with Ryan Chuckel, GoPro’s public-relations manager, for tips on filming your hunt – and your fishing, camping and trail-riding trips.

SH: Any tips for beginning GoPro users?

RC: For starters, all you need is the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition. Instructions are easy to follow. Still, my advice is to spend time familiarizing yourself with the camera and menu before you get out. Avoid reading instructions for the first time in the field. Your hunting and fishing time outdoors is valuable for capturing memories. Be ready to film when you’re out there.

SH: How about tips for advanced users?

RC: Various camera housings are available. The new Dive Housing is waterproof [for those underwater shots of fish]. The new Blackout Housing has a black matte finish for concealment [in hunting situations], creating a stealth appearance – it’s also water resistant. Our Skeleton Housing improves audio. Though just for dry conditions, the sound quality is great. [GoPro has various options for different situations.]

SH: Any other cool new stuff for hunters or anglers? 

RC: The new Sportsman Mount is designed for your gun, fishing rod or bow. It’s compatible with most. You can mount one or two cameras to face forward and backward to capture footage. It’s designed to sit on the riser of every bow we’ve tried; this includes recurves, crossbows, and every long gun you can imagine. And it can withstand percussion – even 3 ½-inch turkey loads.

SH: What’s the best way to put together film you’ve shot?

RC: The GoPro App allows for full remote control of all camera functions, including shares with social media. GoPro Studio Edit software for the footage you’ve shot is intuitive and helps you create professional-quality videos. Both are free. Download them at gopro.com.

SH: Why should someone film their hunting or fishing trip? 

RC: You spend all this time, energy and money hunting and fishing [plus riding trails]. You can capture your experience by filming it. Practice how to shoot film the way you do with a bow or gun. You’ll be amazed at how good content can be to tell your story. I’ve turned people onto hunting by showing them cool video. It can be a real awakening.