Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Ride Safe and Fish Smart

Summer is never long enough. Make the most of it with your four Yamaha wheels and fishing gear.

By Steve Hickoff

There’s nothing quite like a backcountry ride on your Yamaha ATV or SxS with fishing on the other end of it.


Know where you’re going. Tell friends and family where you’ll be. Wear a helmet, goggles, riding gloves, a long-sleeve shirt and pants, and protective boots on the way there, even in summer.


Carry your cell phone (assuming you’ll have coverage), a GPS and compass as backup. Trail guide maps of the old-school sort function no matter what – consider these too.


As always, check legal regulations for trail and remote access – not only online, but in printed material and better yet, a contact person for information if you have any questions. Laws can change from year to year.


And plenty of water, too. Trail mix to beef jerky, stock a small cooler with non-perishable goods and fasten it securely on your rig. Camping overnight? Small tents and sleeping bags can extend the trip.


You may never need to open your first-aid kit, but have one stashed anyway.


Cooking gear – assuming backcountry fires are legal where you ride and fish – can provide simple delicious meals of fried trout, pancakes and so forth. Easy recipes often taste better in the wild. And don’t forget the waterproof matches. Want other options? The folks at Camp Chef can help you in your quest: Camp Chef


Portable 4-piece breakdown fly rods – including Tenkara options (rod, line, fly; no reel) – allow you to pack tightly. Check out our June 2 Yamaha Outdoor Tip for more “fish smart” details: Fish Smart