Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Plan Your Year Outdoors Now

Use your four-wheeled investment as much as possible. Doing this often requires some advanced planning.

By Steve Hickoff 

Let’s face facts: a month of the year is gone and you’ve 11 more to go. Have you mapped out your riding, hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor recreation time? Here’s why you might:


Truth is outfitters have likely scheduled their season around hunting, fishing and camping clients by now. Still it’s not too late. Contact them and indicate you’d like to get on the cancellation list. If a client can’t make it, they can call you, and you’re in – assuming you’re flexible.


There’s no need to rely on somebody else to find your spring turkeys and warm-weather fishing opportunities: do it yourself. The old DIY method is tried and true. Contact fish and game agencies where you want to spend outdoors time. Ask officials about ATV and Side-by-Side off-trail regulations or simply resource these online. Inquire about public-land access you might not know about. Plan your hunting, fishing, riding and camping. Do it now; not later.


Balance is the key here. If your significant other doesn’t enjoy the outdoors as much as you do, time – yours, theirs – should be taken seriously as you plot the year. Sure, it’s cool to be spontaneous and all that; but planning the year (pencil dates in if you have to) can assure everyone stays happy and manages to do what they want in a given calendar year. Negotiate. Maybe even encourage family members who don’t ride, camp, hunt or fish to do it with you.


Grab one of those discounted calendars at the local bookstore (yep, some still exist in this online world) and dedicate it to your year outdoors. Finding the time now and planning the months ahead will keep you from scrambling later this spring, summer and fall – and wishing you had looked ahead back in January.

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