Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Winter Four-Wheeling

Get on your new Yamaha Viking and ride this winter season.

Get on your new Yamaha Viking and ride this winter season.

By Steve Hickoff

Up north, you might be riding groomed trails on your property to cut firewood. Down south, you’re likely still duck hunting and maybe even fishing open water, location depending. Some places share common ground. Others have their own unique challenges and riding pleasures.


Helmets, eye-protecting goggles, long pants, long sleeve shirts, gloves and likely jackets – all are musts while riding. Factor in heavy boots too this time of the year and you’re good to go in terms of protective wear. Ride smart and leave your ego elsewhere. 


North to south, fishing seasons are open. Above the snow and freeze line, you’ll find ice fishing where available and even some open-water action. Hunting opportunities abound too.

Rule #1: Don’t ride your four-wheeler out onto the ice. Park at the available access area then haul your gear in on a sled by foot. The exercise will do you good. Hard-water conditions vary widely. Why risk breaking through, and losing your investment? Why chance it? The answer is: don’t. Along open waters, riding your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side in on an available trail is as simple as during the spring through fall seasons. Pack well, but simply.

Rule #2: Duck and goose hunting is available up north to some degree. On the other hand, January is a prime month in many southern states. There’s no better way to load and haul decoys into a field location than with your four-wheeler. It’s safer and simplifies the hunting day. And the new Yamaha Viking makes it possible for your party of three to safely ride together.

Rule #3: Enjoy every moment. It’s been a long season of riding, hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. While the temptation may be to stay indoors near a warm woodstove fire, you can do that later – after a day of outdoor recreation. Check new fishing and hunting regulations for the New Year. You may find expanded opportunities and ways to take your ride there. 


Spring isn’t all that far away. The winter show season is here. Anticipation builds as we plot and plan for the rest of the year. But why wait – there’s plenty of action right now. Let us know what you do to stay busy in winter on the Yamaha Outdoors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YamahaOutdoors