Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Become a Better Wingshooter

By Bob Humphrey

It’s one of those special days.  The birds are flying well providing plenty of wingshooting action for everyone in the group.  But as the morning winds on, a noticeable disparity gradually emerges.  While some shooters are reveling in their success, others are growing increasingly disappointed with their inability to hit a moving target.

If you’ve ever found yourself among the latter group, you know how frustrating it can be.  Fortunately, the situation can be easily remedied by following a few basic guidelines. 


Lock your eyes on the target and don’t take them off until it drops.  Don’t look for the bead on the end of your barrel, look through it at the bird. 


Your gun should already be close to mounted before the flush.  Move your forward hand toward the target first to avoid too much barrel pivot and up and down movement. 


Mount the gun firmly to your face - under your cheek bone, with less concern for where it meets your shoulder.  Practice this to achieve a consistent mount for greater accuracy.


Avoid harsh, sudden movements.  The mount should be slow, smooth and steady.  Moving at a comfortable pace ensures a more precise, consistent mount. 

All of the above will help, but nothing trumps practice.  Spend time at the local skeet range or load the ATV up with a box of clays and a hand-thrower and head afield before, during and after the season to keep develop and retain better shooting habits.