Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Backcountry Fly Fishing

Backcountry cast-and-blast opportunities are but one option with your new Yamaha Viking. (Yamaha Outdoors photo)

Backcountry cast-and-blast opportunities are but one option with your new Yamaha Viking. (Yamaha Outdoors photo)

By Steve Hickoff 

Your four Yamaha wheels can help you access backcountry fly fishing available during the traditional spring and summer months, but also in fall and winter.


While many of us enjoy hunting each fall and winter, there’s plenty of opportunity out there for angling. Fly fishing streams and ponds during special seasons is rewarding for many reasons. Angling pressure is likely lower. The challenge at times can be higher and more rewarding when you succeed. Unique catch-and-release seasons allow you to enjoy the tradition, while also riding to the location – a pleasure in itself. Check your state’s law book for current “fly fishing only” opportunities. You might be surprised. Read maps. Plot your route. Plan the outing in detail.


Some outdoors enthusiasts want to get most out of their day, weekend or lengthy trip. Fishing and hunting during this time provides it. You can walk public land for upland birds or bigger game, and also fish waters providing non-traditional opportunities. Check recent trout stocking schedules or wild fish availability. Firearms can be carried in a Yamaha gun boot for ease of transportation. Fly rods break down and can go in the back of your rig as well. Stash it and ride.


Wearing a helmet, gloves, long sleeves and pants, plus eye-protecting goggles while you ride is always strongly recommended no matter what the season. Backcountry fly-fishing tackle can include simple small pack-down outfits for travel. Some manufacturers offer 4- to 6-piece fly fishing rods and even spinning tackle. Your fly-fishing vest is likely stashed with pattern options – nymphs, streamers, dry flies, etc. – and necessary accessories, so simply tuck it in the back of your ride. As always, with backcountry travel, tell friends and family members where you’ll be.

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