Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Off-Season Stuff to Keep You Busy

Venison chili is one of the great things in life. Steve Hickoff photo.

Consumer shows preview new toys for you. Steve Hickoff photo.

By Steve Hickoff

I know, you’re bored, waiting on spring turkey season. There’s plenty to do now though to keep you busy.


Eating wild game extends the hunt. Sure, it was plenty fun hunting deer, ducks, geese and turkey last fall, along with everything else. It’s now time to enjoy this bounty on the supper table. A quick online search can reveal many recipes that would allow you to swap out venison for beef or burger. A hot chili on a cold winter day is a great thing.


Maybe you’re on the bubble. You’ve enjoyed riding Yamaha ATVs and Side-by-Sides in the past, but those four wheels belong to friends and family members. Maybe you want to know more about owning and enjoying one. Consumer shows are often set up for this reason – to share product and answer questions in a comfortable setting. Unlike trade shows, they cater to you and not buyers. So find one in your local area and check out Yamaha products.


Sure, we all love to ride our four wheels. Truth is, it doesn’t help you get into hunting shape. To do that, set up a walking routine, ideally over terrain you’ll hunt this spring. Run road races. Join a recreational hoops league. Lift weights. Get ready for the action to come.


The conservation order for so-called “light geese” (snows and blues) is likely underway soon in your state or one within driving distance. Check out the regulations. If you haven’t done it, hire an outfitter for a hunt. You’ll not only pass the time until spring turkey starts, but also play your conservation part in helping manage these abundant populations.