Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Hunting Spring Snow Geese

Hunting spring snow geese requires big decoy spreads and teamwork. Yamaha Outdoors photo

Hunting spring snow geese requires big decoy spreads and teamwork. Yamaha Outdoors photo

By Steve Hickoff

Just when you thought it was over, yet another waterfowling opportunity gets your attention. Rest up: you might kill more birds soon due to liberal limits and regulations than you did all last season.

Sure, your duck decoys and other gear will stay stashed until September—but your snow goose fakes shouldn’t; especially if you have a conservation order spring “light geese” hunt in your state (or a road trip away).

If you haven’t enjoyed this sport, here are some ideas for getting started:


Call wildlife officials to get insider information on the best locations for hunting snow geese as they move north. Contact landowners in agricultural areas to check their pulse on the possibility of hunting light geese. If you knock on a bunch of doors, chances are a few responses will be in the affirmative. Scout and seek permission as hard as you hunt.

Tip: Offer to lease land from the farmer for the short window of hunting snow geese. Fifty well-spent bucks might get you all the opportunity you need. And often the invitation will be free.


Can’t shoot or call all that well? No worries. Unplugged shotguns and electronic calls are often allowed during these spring hunts (check your regulations). This means you might want to invest in a quality calling device for your spring snows—roughly two to three hundred bucks, but you can split cost with waterfowling buddies. And then you can concentrate on just improving your shooting!

Tip: Aim for the head not the big white body.


Maybe you don’t want to pull in a “tornado effect” of snow geese with an electronic caller? Maybe decoying more effectively is your deal. If so, invest your cash in full-bodied decoys, with motion devices (covered in our January 2, 2012 Yamaha Outdoors tip). It’s not uncommon for hardcore spring snow goose hunters to put out 1,000 or more fakes to lure in the real thing. Here’s where your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side is essential for pulling sleds full of decoys to the field.

Tip: Invest some money, or again, team up with buddies and their fakes. Four guys with 500 snow goose dekes can put out quite an appealing set in a field.

Plan now. This late winter or early spring snow goose hunt is coming soon. It provides a great way to get out before spring turkey seasons begin.