Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Add Motion to Your Snow Goose Spread

Mike Checkett of Ducks Unlimited adds movement to his snow goose spread with flapping wing decoys wheeled in with a Yamaha ATV. Steve Hickoff photo

By Steve Hickoff

Snow geese wing around in the sky with hundreds if not thousands of real birds.

They’ve seen it all, from inexpensive shell decoys that only seem half-right to full-bodied options that offer plenty of realism on the ground. Still it might not be enough to pull these wary birds in for a look.

As the New Year turns, we waterfowl hunters have several options to look forward to: late-season hunts for snows where seasons remain open and spring “conservation order” snow goose opportunities aimed at managing these big bird populations.

Adding movement to your snow goose spreads can help clinch the deal. Some tactics include:


Arm-operated snow goose flags add muscle-memory movement from your layout blind.


This essential decoy movement gear item provides action for your full-body decoys. They’ll wiggle with just a little breeze as a result.


Set flapping wing decoys where you want snow geese to funnel in for a look. This fakery trick will often draw the most action. It’s important to face your layout blinds in this direction.


Consider full-body wind socks as well. They’re fairly inexpensive, highly portable and add just that little extra movement you might need to pull wary snows from the winter (and spring) sky.


No wind? A rotary machine offers remote control and the ability to fly snow goose decoys at different heights. You can imitate the “tornado effect” of snow geese decoying in.

Consider adding movement to your snow goose spread. The final essential to all this effort includes hauling your gear to and from the location you’re hunting. For this, there’s nothing better than loading it all on the back of your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side.


More info on adding motion to your spread with Bob Humphrey: