Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Waterfowl Flash Hunts

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Waterfowl Flash Hunts

By Steve Hickoff

Time is limited, we all know that. If you’re a waterfowler who likes to fill your days with some hunting along with the rest of your daily duties, listen up.


Rise early, drive to your spots, ideally where you’ve nailed down some ducks or geese by flash scouting. Set your decoy spread and wait for the morning flight. Most of you’ll agree that first legal light (the “false dawn” period) and roughly an hour after that is the best time of the day. Get in. Get out. Get some waterfowling action.

Now get yourself off to work.


River and pond ducks especially like loafing between the hard feeding they do at daybreak and in the afternoon. A walk into a spot you know holds ducks can provide a nice little “hunting lunch.”

Stash your chest waders in the back of your truck. Walk to your spot. With luck, you’ll find groups of birds settled in along the slow-moving edges of creeks and waterways, farm ponds and the like.
Think of this as a bonus hunting deal.

Kill a few? Simply put those birds in your truck cooler and finish out the day at work. The memory of sneaking in a little hunting action might even make that afternoon more tolerable.


The same goes for leaving work a little early to get one quick finish in during the last hour of legal hunting. A lot of this will be of the pass shooting kind of action, as ducks and geese move from feeding areas to roosting spots, but you can still scratch out a little hunt.

It also helps let you know where birds might be for your waterfowl hunt the next morning.


Load the decoys on the back of your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side. Drive down to your spot. Set out your decoy spread. Wait for the morning or afternoon flight. Haul up your fakes. Get yourself home to that duck or goose dinner you’ll make.

Life’s good. Time’s short. Flash hunts satisfy.