Yamaha Outdoors Tips — 5 To-Do Outdoor Tasks

Your decoys fooled waterfowl last season, but might require some touching up before this one.

Your decoys fooled waterfowl last season, but might require some touching up before this one.

By Steve Hickoff

As the Fourth of July holiday weekend comes and goes, we’re just that much closer to hunting seasons. Here are 5 things you can do right now to make the time go faster.


Here in the barbecue months, it’s a good time to pull a few wild turkey breasts from the freezer, grill and serve them to friends and family. You’ll need the room later come fall, and the start of early goose and deer archery seasons are just around the corner.


Eating well during the summer months can put on some pounds. Try to maintain that good shape you were in back during spring turkey season by walking, running and working out with the weights now. Joining a hoops or softball team can do the same thing.


You ride your four wheels hard. Does your gear reflect the kind of preparedness to be safe too? Take a quick inventory. Do you have good riding boots, goggles and a helmet? Hunt and ride with enthusiasm this summer and coming fall, but do it safely.


Storm-battered duck and goose fakes can be restored with a touch of satin or glossy polyurethane spray. Don’t want to do that? Simply clean your decoys with a wet rag to remove any mud, dirt or grass lingering from last season. Another cheap way to add realism is with white latex paint in areas where it reflects a natural look. Use yellow-green enamel paint for greenhead highlights and so on. Get inventive. Add visual appeal. The deal is to enhance the look of your spread come waterfowl season. Not artistic? Many of the new decoys surely are.


Admit it. It’s hotter than a breakfast skillet right now, but you’ve got deer hunting on your mind. Early July is a great time to haul in some treestands on your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side. Place them in conjunction with some game trails and pasture corners that have proven out in the past, or take a leap of faith and secure them in some new areas.

Can’t wait until fall? Start your pre-season now with these 5 to-do outdoor tasks.