Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Taking Inventory

Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Taking Inventory

By Steve Hickoff

Closing down the spring turkey season with style is just as important as it was months ago when you started.  While opportunities still exist to pursue bearded birds in regions like the Northeast, elsewhere many seasons have concluded until fall.  Here are some details to consider right now:

Turkey hunting is often a “we” deal.  Did you fully thank the landowners who let you hunt their properties?  Follow up with an email, text, thank-you note, phone call or drop by in person to do just this.  It’s important to share your gratitude for hunting places where you have permission after you have and not just before you do.

Giving thanks to landowners is one thing.  You should also take inventory of all the people who helped you chase turkeys this year: guides, buddies who shared “their birds,” wildlife management biologists who may have pointed you toward some public land opportunities, and most especially your family who puts up with your early risings and travels afar.

Gear items, now dispersed in your truck and turkey vest, need to be returned to proper locations.  Wash, dry and store camouflaged apparel.  Place turkey calls in locations where you can find them this fall and next spring. Return shotgun loads to originals boxes.  Label shot pellet sizes on shell hulls with a permanent marker if that detail has worn off.  Clean your firearms now, not later.  Tweak your archery tackle too and ready it for your 3-D target shooting during the barbecue months.  In short, reorganize your stuff. 

Your truck has likely been down a back road or two.  The same goes for your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side.  Check tires, fluids and all other mechanical details to see if your hunting rigs need some post-season care.  It’ll put you in good shape for recreational riding this summer and certainly for next hunting season.