Yamaha Outdoors Tips — Yamaha Supports Conservation

Yamaha Outdoors also supports National Hunting and Fishing Day, an annual celebration of our conservation heritage.

Yamaha Outdoors also supports National Hunting and Fishing Day, an annual celebration of our conservation heritage.

By Bob Humphrey

One definition of the term “conservation” is wise use, and when it comes to renewable natural resources, that is a very appropriate one.  Wildlife is a renewable natural resource, and so it is not surprising that it was hunters, the principal users of that resource, who began North America’s modern conservation movement, a revolution that not only brought back numerous species from the brink of extinction, but also continues to ensure the long-term viability of existing wildlife populations.  And Yamaha is a proud supporter of wildlife conservation. 

One way they demonstrate this is through their affiliation with national conservation groups. 


DU is the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.  The organization got its start in 1937, at a time when drought caused North America’s waterfowl populations to plunge.  A small group of sportsmen joined together to form an organization whose mission was saving drought-plagued waterfowl through habitat conservation.  Today, the organization boasts over three quarters of a million members, and their efforts have influenced and conserved nearly 60 million acres in North America, as well as preserving critical habitat not just for waterfowl but for more than 900 wildlife species, and providing invaluable recreational opportunities for sportsmen and wildlife watchers alike. 


Like DU, the National Wild Turkey Federation started out with a mission to restore wildlife populations and preserve our hunting heritage.  There was a time, not so long ago, when wild turkeys had been extirpated from many parts of their former range, and numbered only 1.3 million nationwide.  Working with its volunteers, partners and sponsors, NWTF helped re-establish populations to the point where there are now huntable populations in 49 states and several Canadian provinces.  With that task largely accomplished, they are now shifting their attention to ensuring those populations remain healthy, and that sportsmen have continued access to that wildlife resources.


As their slogan “First for hunters” implies, the primary mission of SCI is protecting the freedom to hunt.  However, much of their work involves promoting conservation worldwide, and one of the principle ways they accomplish that is through the SCI Foundation.  In just the last decade, the SCI Foundation has provided nearly $50 million to promote science–based conservation through wildlife research, capacity building in governments, youth and teacher education, and humanitarian programs which show the importance of the hunting community in society. 


Yamaha is certainly doing their part to promote wildlife conservation.  What are you doing?  If you aren’t already a member, consider joining one of the aforementioned groups.  Many have state or local chapters that work at the grass roots level to support national and local conservation programs such as land acquisition, habitat improvement and translocation.  These groups are also strong advocates for sound wildlife management practices, including hunting.